Unique Notebooks And Journals

Unique Notebooks And Journals

With Caitlin and me both in school this semester, we have been looking for unique notebooks and journals.  Caitlin is a big time journaler (I think I just made that up!!), which I love because it is such a great way to express yourself, and when you are 14, you are expressing yourself all over the place!  I know it may sound silly, but I really love writing in a notebook that has a cool or pretty graphic on the cover.  It seems to make note taking a bit more fun!  I am a big note taker, so I go through several notebooks each semester.  I pretty much rewrite the textbook, but hey, it works for me!  Another great reason to have a unique notebook is that no one can get confused.  I bought a handful of notebooks from the discount store and when I got home, I had duplicates and even triplicates of the same color!  How in the world was my poor ADD self going to keep those notebooks straight?  YIKES!!

Make My Notebook is the very cute, clever, unique, fun, different and all around really awesome place to buy cool notebooks.  Sara Blette had the winter blahs in 2007 and one thing led to another and she was designing really amazing covers for notebooks.  Make My Notebook has just about anything a serious paper user would need.  You can find notebooks and sketchbooks, journals and baby books.  The paper used at Make My Notebook is made from 100% recycled paper, is made right here in the USA and are silk screened by hand.  You can choose the size, color, binding and paper that fit your individual taste.  You can even make a notebook with lined paper on one side and grid paper on the other!!  I think Make My Notebook is kind of like a candy store for the bookishly inclined!

Making Family Traditions

I am all about making family traditions with and for my kids.  I have very little from my childhood and that has propelled me to make darn sure my kids will have memories, pictures, journals, baby books and anything else I can think of to mark their lives.  Maybe it is because I am turning 50 this year, but I have just been making each and every day count.  What a beautiful way to record the milestones and the not so mile stone time than with a book from Make My Notebook?  I received the large notebook with the Feather Grass Design ($18.00) and the smaller baby book ($14.00).  Caitlin took over the larger sketch book for her watercolors, which I was happy to relinquish!  My husband’s co-worker just had a baby and I couldn’t think of a sweeter gift than to give them Sara’s precious baby book.  Maybe Pepe and his wife will start their own tradition with this book!

One reader will receive a small notebook ($14.00) of their choice.

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