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Unique Party Dresses for Little Girls from Rock’n Baby Boutique Review

Unique Party Dresses for Little Girls

When starting my search for unique party dresses for little girls, I was frustrated at the selection that I was finding.  Although all the dresses were beautiful, they were also very ordinary and plain.  For my son’s fifth birthday party, we are having a superhero themed party at our house.  We already have a great outfit picked out for the birthday boy but wanted to keep his sister involved by dressing her according to the theme!  When I came across the Rock ‘N Baby Boutique, I knew I would find something fresh, fun and unique!

Superhero Clothes for Toddlers

When looking for superhero clothes for toddlers, I knew I would find an endless amount of clothing options for my son.  But girls and superheros don’t always mix, at least in the eyes of the retailers!  What I love most about Rock’N Baby Boutique is the large selection of unique and fun outfits for children!  I immediately fell in love with the Superhero dress and knew it would be perfect for my son’s party!  Both my kids loved the dress!  My son loved it for the different superhero designs on the fabric and my daughter loved that it was a dress!  The 2T dress fit my two year old daughter perfectly.  The top of the dress is made with a ribbed tank with the words “My Big Brother is My Superhero” embroidered on it.  The skirt part of the dress has five layers of fabric with different designs including Marvel Heroes, Batman and Spiderman!  The dress is so fun and playful and is the perfect outfit for my daugther for her big brother’s birthday party!  The Superhero dress retails for $36.95 and includes embroidering!  There is a boys matching shirt available also!

You can visit Rock’N Baby Boutique through their website or through Etsy.  In addition to their handmade clothing, the Rock’N Baby Boutique also sells crib sets, boppy covers, burp clothes, changing pad covers and pillow cases!  Looking for a special gift for a new mom, new baby or a child’s birthday?  Visit Rock’N Baby Boutique for the perfect gift!  Rock’N Baby is offering our readers an exclusive coupon code (MAK10) good for 10% off their entire order!!  This offer expires 1 week after the review is posted.  Please visit their Facebook page for exclusive sales and events!

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