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Unique Throw Pillows From Firmly Planted Sweepstakes

Unique Throw Pillows

I loves me some unique throw pillows!  I have always collected pillows of various shapes, sizes, fabrics and patterns.  I firmly believe your decorating style is an extension of your personality.  If this is true and I have a liking for unique products, then that makes me a one of a kind unique person!  What I find completely hilarious is juxtaposition that is my husband.  Chris loves to wear loud clothes and believe me, the louder, the better!  I wish you could have seen his bright green mohair sweater he wore ever St. Patrick’s Day.  To add insult to injury, he paired the sweater with his favorite pair of green and white striped shorts and he wore this in public!  I tell you this because his fashion sense is nothing like his style of decorating.  When it comes to our home, he is all about the earth tones and plain on plain.  This translates BORING!  Once in a while I am able to slip something funky and unique past him and then he lets me keep it because he loves me!

I have discovered the most awesome-d-awesomest place where you can get the most unique pillows..EVER!!  Firmly Planted is not as much a company as they are a state of mind!  The talent behind the concept, found a way to bring the nature from outside into your home.  The goal of Firmly Planted is to marry what Mother Nature made with contemporary styling that not only looks great but it is darn comfy as well. Just think..if you are living in a NYC apartment that is far away from Central Park, you can have a taste of nature in your apartment with the pillows from Firmly Planted.  Ok, I will not keep you in suspense any longer…these craft gals have taken artificial turf grass and fabric and turned these two elements into one of the most creative and ingenious concepts I have ever seen..and believe me, I have seen a lot!!  I know you may think this is a strange concept, but once you see these pillows, you are going to want at least one for your very own.  To learn more about Firmly Planted you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Bring Nature Into Your Home

When Alicia Blas decided to bring nature into your home, she wasn’t kidding around!  This certified Master Gardner, Gardenologist and student of Feng Shui, brought her love of nature and combined it with her love of design.  Alicia’s background as a photo stylist for catalogs and magazine shoots gave her a true eye for beauty and design and how they can flow together.  When she put this knowledge with her experience as a Master Gardener and she realized there was only one thing she could do…design a pillow that brought the indoors out and the outdoors in!  I liked Alicia the moment I spoke with her on the telephone when we discussed her participation in a review.  She has this amazingly calm and lyrical voice that puts you at ease the moment she says hello!  We had a fun talk and once I hung up, I knew I had to have one of her designs in my home.  I have done a pretty good number of reviews for this blog, and this is at least in my top 5 favorite designers and products.  Alicia sent me the Turf Indoor Outdoor Lumbar pillow ($69.00) with a beautiful fabric in waves of orange, white, green and other soothing colors. I know you are asking if this is comfortable and I can wholeheartedly tell you it is very comfortable.  I know it is going to sound corny, but it really is like laying your hand in the grass on a peaceful spring morning (after the dew has dried).  Alicia says that when that when you surround yourself with beauty, nature, style, and flow, it creates a balanced vibe within your body and soul.  To paint a clear picture of how comfy this pillow is, I want to tell you a quick story.  We had my BFF’s 3 kids spend the night and we had 3 boys and 2 girls.  We had a war break out between the boys and girls.  Guess what they were fighting over?   The kids were fighting for who was going to sleep with the pillow from Firmly Planted Nuff said!!

One reader will receive one pillow of their choice from Firmly Planted ($69.00-$89.00)

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  1. Not really a traditional site that shows you various products you can buy but from what I can tell from their photo gallery I like the Verti-Opal pillow.

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