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The scene opens up featuring the buildings and bridges across the Hudson from New York then pans to a gun-shot. A body plummets from a construction building. Who is this soon to be dead man? Is it a man? Could it be a woman? 

Untitled Jersey City Project – One hour Earlier

A man gets a phone call from another man standing atop the construction building. As he races to the scene, he is followed by a police car arriving just ahead of the police to see a dead man laying on the floor. 

Someone was already waiting for him. Actually, several someones and then he is surrounded by the police! Oh! The drama–the questions. Who are these people? Why did that guy call? Why were they waiting for him? Who is the dead guy? Why did he die? Why did they call him? How did the police already know? All of this drama is so intriguing. I cannot wait to see the whole episode. You can watch the sneak peak below. What do you think? Do you think this will be as exciting as I do? I cannot believe so many questions can arise in just two minutes. Can you guess what happens next?