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Unusual Fashion Accessories Made From Recycled Materials

Eco-Friendly Fashions

Since deciding to go green, I have had my eye on Eco-friendly fashions for my daughter, Chelsea.  I have been looking for cool accessories that my Chelsea would love.  Chelsea is my oldest daughter and she has a graphic arts degree and is a pretty good artist herself!  With her immersion into the artisan circles in Atlanta, she has developed a great knack for finding some of the coolest fashion accessories.  If you have someone in your life like Chelsea, here is a list of some accessories that have been made with unconventional materials.

  • One of my favorite choices is the purse made from drink tabs.  What I love most about this particular item is that is it so unusual, most of your friends have probably never seen one.  The other thing that makes this a cool item is that at first glance, the materials used are not easily identified, which is really fun!
  • I think most people have heard of, seen or even owns a purse made out of drink pouches, but how about a belt made out of the pouches? This belt looks really great with the varied colors from the wrappers and when they are braided into the belt, it is super strong and study.  This is fun to accent a dressed down outfit that needs a little pop of coolness.
  • A circuit board card holder is a fun and interesting gift for a busy executive and their work space.  Although it is simple in design, it looks like a million bucks.  This holder is also a great ice breaker or conversation starter when a visitor comes to see you!
  • I recently reviewed a purse made out of seat belts, but I have an option that may beat that bag!  What do you think about a seat/chair cushion made out of seat belts?  I love this idea for a stadium seat because it is comfortable, unusual and is weather friendly, which is an important aspect.

Funky Recycled Purses

I found the coolest and most funky upcycled purses I have ever seen!  There is a very unique company based out of Colorado and they have been around for 18 years!  Icebox Knitting started with their Dohm wool hat collection, which were made completely by hand on an antique knitting machine!!  In 2006, Icebox Knitting developed their Xob (pronounced Zob) collection which includes an amazing assortment of purses, scarves, hats and hand warmers.  These accessories are upcycled into beautiful and functional accessories for the whole family and they are upcycled from wool sweaters and suits.  I was fortunate enough to receive the Loli bag ($65.00) from the Xob collection and it is so stinking cool!  Each bag is completely unique with the colors, patterns and linings being different on each bag.  I thought it was really interesting when Lori Baker From Icebox Knitting told me that the linings were made from end of the bolt fabric. By using this normally trashed remnants, they are keeping even more out of our landfills.  How cool is that?  What a great gift to give the person who has everything…really…do it…they will love it!!  You can buy your Icebox Knitting products at their online store.

Visit Icebox Knitting on their Facebook page and enter to win their giveaway of a product to one winner each week. Please use code lolimk20 for 20% off. Free Shipping is always included.

One winner will receive one Peach Pouch ($16.50) from the Xob line.  As this is product is made with recycled materials, the choice will be random.

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