Unusual Gift Ideas For Mothers

Unusual Gift Ideas For Mothers

If you are stumped for something for mom on her special day, you could try to find unusual gift ideas for Mothers Day.  I think we sometimes get lazy when it comes to choosing a gift for a special occasion.  If someone says “No, really, I don’t want anything for Mother’s Day, birthday, Christmas, etc.”, actually means “you better blow my socks off this year!”  I hate it when my mom tries to pretend she has all she needs and therefore doesn’t want a gift.  It’s like when she says she isn’t really hungry when we are out because she doesn’t want to spend the money but she is starving.  As I have gotten older, I am embracing the “say what you mean and mean what you say” school of thought.  There is no shame in saying you wnat that special sweater, make-up or the latest CD from your favorite singer.  Tell me!!  Give me a hint!!  If you choose to be coy then I hope you expect me to give you exactly what you asked for…Nothing!!

If you have someone special that you want to give a gift that is out of the normal range, you may want to visit Vat 19.  This quirky company approaches gift giving with a little bit of wry humor mixed with a little bit of attitude! In 2001, Vat 19 began as a company dedicated to promoting their line of independent DVD products, and by 2005 they were selling off beat products like the fireplace scented candle during the winter holiday season.  With a customer base that had embraced this odd little duck of a company, they began to expand their line.  Vat 19 was started by Jamie Salvatori from St. Louis, who wanted to create a business that was completely unique from every other hum drum store on the web.  I think Jamie met his goal and surpassed it!

Curiously Awesome Products

Vat 19 strives to be the industry leader of the gift giving world by selling curiously awesome products.  I absolutely love to find things that are not the copy-cat of all things common.  Instead, I prefer to find things that are funky but functional and let me tell you, Vat 19 puts the fun in functional!  I was offered to choose a few items from the Vat 19 inventory and I have to tell you, it was hard not to want all of it!  I finally settled on a few things that I had never seen before, and thought it would be fun to try them out.  Each item I chose promised a need would be filled that you may not have known you needed until you saw it!!  I chose the Catamount Popcorn Popper (retail price $20.99) because my family loves popcorn, but hates the way microwave popcorn tastes!  This cleverly designed popper that is made from laboratory glass, has a lid with an opening to put butter in which will melt as you are microwaving your snack.  We also received something that has made our lives much easier and it is such a small little marvel!  The Tie-Not Water Balloon Filler & Tying Tool (retail $9.99) is a-MAZING.  I loathe tying those pains the neck teeny tiny water balloons, but how can I deny my children of their right to fight…with water balloons.  This product it so cool!  You attach the Tie-Not to your hose, attach you balloon, fill and use the Tie-Not to tie off your balloon. THANK YOU!!  There are so many neat products at Vat 19 that odds are the perfect thing you didn’t know you needed!!

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