Unusual Handmade Jewelry

Unusual Handmade Jewelry

I am a jewelry freak and I love to find unusual handmade jewelry I haven’t seen before.  There are so many creative artists out there that make such amazing pieces of jewelry.  I am in awe when I see what someone can do with their hands!  I also really love it when jewelry has a meaning behind it or maybe the design was inspired by an organic item or place in the world.  When you buy jewelry in a department store, you are buying what any number of other people have bought the exact piece.  I am kind of a quirky person, so I want my apparel and accessories reflect that.  I especially love one of kind pieces that are crafted out of metal, stone, fabric or any number of materials.  If it is something that I have not seen before, I want to have that in my collection!!

Charmed Design is a really cool internet jewelry store that sells gorgeous fabric wrapped bracelets.  After surviving a near death illness and feeling like her life was “charmed”, this creative woman decided to put her energy into a business.  Each piece made has a special meaning so the buyer can choose their design based on the fabric or colors and can also choose based on what the charms represent.  The bracelets from Charmed Design are crafted with love, inspiration, motivation and a positive energy you can feel when you see your new bracelet.  When you are presented with your piece, the hope behind it is that a lust for life and a charmed existence are passed on to you.

Cool Fabric Charm Beacelets

Cool Fabric Charm Bracelets

When I discovered Charmed Designs, I fell in love with their cool fabric charm bracelets.  When you visit their online shop, you will be amazed at all the absolutely gorgeous colors, prints and different mediums like cloth, cording or leather.  The other thing about Charmed Design is their unique charms that not only add style to the bracelet, but they also have a meaning behind them.  There are so many choices and combinations, that you are sure to find the perfect piece for yourself.  With the very affordable prices, you can get yourself a gorgeous piece of jewelry but you can give one as a gift at the same time!  I was able to choose two bracelets from Charmed Design; one silk and one with Japanese cord.  The silk bracelet ($34.00) is hand-painted and has 3 small gems in varied hues of blue.  The Tree Of Life charm is said to represent wisdom, protection, strength and redemption.  The cord bracelet ($36.00) is made from Japanese chirmen fabric that has a beautiful floral design in shades of deep purple and pink, blue and white.  The elephant charm is said to bring the wearer strength wisdom happiness and a log life.  The pearl stands for charity, honesty and integrity. The bracelets are simply breathtaking!  All you do is wrap them around your wrist several times to get the bracelet effect.  The silk bracelet ties and the corded bracelet has a small clasp.  You can also wear the bracelets as a necklace, which is a really cool facet of the jewelry.  The details in the charms are so beautifully crafted and the complimentary stones add just the right touch of elegance to the bracelet.  If you are looking for a meaningful and personal gift, this would be such a lovely item.

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  1. Indeed the designs are one of a kind. It reminds me of ancient symbols in ruins long abandoned but waiting to be found again. I just love art that has meaning embedded in its very core with history backing up its essence. But definitely not art just for the sake of selling in the market.

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