Streamsong Resort
Last weekend I was given the opportunity to experience a taste of Streamsong Resort. Streamsong is located in Bowling Green, FL, which is about 60 miles southeast of Tampa. I had never heard of Streamsong Resort before, so naturally, I began researching my upcoming destination and learned that it is the home of two of the top ranked golf courses in the nation. As a golfer, this immediately peaked my interest!

My husband and I were invited to experience a little taste of Streamsong Resort. While there, we dined at a delicious restaurant called P2O5, hit the links at Streamsong Blue, and were wined and dined in the Pegasus conference room, sampling fares from the resorts exquisite restaurants P2O5, Restaurant Fifty-Nine, and Sottoterra.

Experiencing Streamsong Resort

streamsong resort pinnable
We were treated as royalty when we arrived, having our car valeted and our golf clubs taken for our upcoming tee time. It was nice knowing that we wouldn’t have to lug our stuff around with us while we were there. We were taken care of, for sure!

streamsong resort lobby
Walking in to the resort, we were hit with an incredible view of the lobby. The entire resort has an earth, wind, fire feel to it. The lobby was no exception, feeling very rustic but modern, overlooking the beautiful infinity pool.

streamsong resort lobby view
The resort was built on an old phosphorous mine (hence the name of the restaurant, P2O5!) and ancient Megladon were actually found on site! While on Streamsong Blue, our forecaddy mentioned that every once in a while a golfer will find Megladon teeth while playing their round of golf! This huge Megladon jaw was created using teeth that were found on the Streamsong site!

streamsong resort megladonStreamsong Blue, the golf course we played, was absolutely stunning. The rolling hills, sprawling landscape, and water made for a real sensory treat. Chris and I hadn’t played golf in years, since the kids were born. Would you believe my golf shoes dry rotted in that time and broke on hole number 2 of the course! This was a huge disappointment for me, but Chris did exceptionally well scoring 3 pars in a row!

streamsong resort blue course
We only made it to the 11th hole before the rain clouds came rolling in. Personally, I had my fingers crossed for rain since it was super embarrassing to attempt to golf with no soles on my shoes! After a long day on the course, we finally made it to our room, which was spectacular. THE VIEW!

streamsong resort view from room
Our room had these incredible wooden shutters over floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful lush green landscape and infinity pool. The room had a reading nook with classic novels built in with a great chaise lounge couch underneath.

streamsong resort books
Dividing the room was a workstation with a big screen TV and high tech electronics charging station. On the other side of the workstation was our king bed and another big screen TV.

streamsong resort bed
The bathroom was beautiful and perfect for a pair of golfers coming off of the golf course. Two sinks and plenty of space to spread out (thank goodness!) and a nice big walk in shower. After a hot, steamy shower, it was time to get ready to head to our group cocktail hour.

We were wined and dined, experiencing many of the delicious foods found at the restaurants around the resort. We sampled everything from baby wedge salads, to scallops, to ah-mazing desserts! After we had our fill it was time to head back to our room to get some much needed rest in our plush king sized bed.

streamsong resort wine and dine
My favorite part about Streamsong Resort? It is so close to home, yet I felt like I was somewhere completely different the entire time I was there. The drive was desolate and barren, through many of the small industrial towns in Central Florida. Once we arrived, it felt like we were in Arizona…or somewhere else far away.

streamsong resort farewell

It was a great place for a weekend getaway, and I would have loved to try out the spa on site. I heard it was phenomenal! If you want to stay at Streamsong Resort, check their website for their Golf Packages and Stay and Play Packages. There are many varieties you can choose from, and there is something for every budget! Be sure you are following their social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated with the beautiful golf courses, news, and specials!