Upcycled Gift Ideas

If you have kids in school, I bet you have had them challenged by their teachers to be more socially responsible. This usually comes in the form of recycling, planting a garden or finding ways to save electricity. When my kids came home with this idea, we looked up other ways we could live a more sustainable life. I wanted the kids to see there were a ton of ways to help save our planet than tossing a plastic bottle in the blue bin outside the door. This lead to learning about upcycling, which is a way to reuse discarded objects and make them into something with a higher quality or value than the original. We found there were so many ways this was possible if you just looked outside the box a little bit. We found some really fun ways to integrate the idea of upcycling into our gift giving. Here are my 5 favorite upcycled gifts for her:

5 Upcycled Gifts For Valentines Day pin

5 Upcycled Gifts For Valentines Day

  1. Scarves: Did you know there were many ways to make a scarf that do not involve scrap fleece? You can use old tee shirts, pajamas and lots of other discarded materials and fabrics.
  2. Gift Bags: My daughter loves wine and her favorite is not a very expensive one. To add a little fun to her gift, I took an old sweater and made a gift bag for her wine bottle. Now she re-gifts her gift bag and it has become a smash hit!
  3. Vinyl: You can make bowls, clocks, coasters a magazine holder and so much more. The possibilities are literally endless!
  4. Tin Cans: I love taking old cans and upcycling them into pots for my herbs. All you need is scrap fabric, an old coffee can and Mod Podge and you have a cute container! Give these as gift with a baggie of potting soil and a pack of seeds.
  5. Bullets: Bullets? Really? Yes! And you will not believe the beautiful things that Bullet Designs can make with an old bullet. From earrings, to bracelets to cuff links, Bullet Designs has a ton of upcycled gift ideas for everyone on your Valentines Day gift list.


I have been a huge cheerleader for Bullet Designs, since I first wrote about them in my post, “Find The Most Unusual Gifts Ever From Bullet Designs” and “Jewelry Addict On Your List? Give One Of A Kind Jewelry.” I love their jewelry for the whimsical idea that translates into high fashion items. Who needs a diamond tennis bracelet when you can give them a Custom Bullet Tennis Bracelet in Nickel with Genuine Swarovski Crystals?! I cannot tell you how many compliments Caitlin gets every time she wears this gorgeous bracelet. For Valentines Day this year, I wanted to treat myself to something different. Of course I thought of Bullet Designs. I wanted to see what they had this year and boy was I excited to find some unusual and ah-mazing finds.

The breathtaking Two Bullet Filigree Heart Necklace, which sells for just $35. The chain length is perfect at 30: and the heart charm is filled with your choice of those beautiful Swarovski Crystals. I also chose the Clover Antique Silver Bullet Earrings with the Winchester® 25 Auto Calibe, with clear Swarovski crystals, which retails for $25. As you know, the clover is a symbol of good fortune and success, so whoever you give this pair of earrings to will love you for sending such good vibes their way. Bullet Designs also has gifts for the guy on your list like a cool zipper pull, tie tac, key ring or money clip. Be sure to stay current with the latest products, deals and news from Bullet Designs by following them on Facebook and Twitter