I have been working very hard for several months to get into shape. I have been eating healthy and exercising to help me reach my goal. I am on the go almost constantly, either at home or when traveling. With a busy schedule like mine, it can be hard to both exercise as well as keep track of my activity. I know a lot of people will keep a journal with them so they can log their daily activity, but that does not work for me. I need something that will track my efforts for me so I do not need to remember to do it myself. For me, the logical choice is a FitBit, an awesome little device that measures my steps, distance and calories I have burned each day. You can see it clipped on to my dress in the picture above. I went on a 7-day cruise and I maintained my weight largely to recording what I ate and monitoring my steps.

Convenient Fitness Tracker App

fitbit zipVerizon sent me a FitBit Zip, which I passed along to my mother-in-law. I use my FitBit One every day. When you purchase your FitBit Zip, you will set up an online account. Next, you will sync your FitBit Zip to your account so all of your activity will be automatically transferred to your account and updated each day. When I am out of town for work, I walk a lot and I love that the FitBit keeps up with all the steps I take, how far I have walked, and the calories I have burned. In order to get my information while I am out and about, I have connected my FitBit wirelessly using my Verizon account. My FitBit syncs with my phone right over my 4G service.

The convenient fitness tracker app from FitBit lets me see my stats on my computer, smartphone or my tablet. I can use it to set goals, see how I am doing and even earn badges for my successes. Another fun feature with the FitBit is that I can link up with friends and family. This way, we can see how each other is doing, so we can encourage or challenge one another! So now my FitBit one can be friends with my mom-in-love’s FitBit Zip and we can challenge each other to stay in shape.

The FitBit is small enough to fit in my pocket, on a belt loop or even in my bra! It is moisture proof and is compatible with either an Apple or Android driven device and its battery will stay strong for 4-6 months at a time. I have really enjoyed taking my FitBit with me wherever I go and I really like the convenience of seeing my results immediately without my inputting anything.

I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.