Homeownership adds a whole new level of responsibility to one’s life. Maintenance costs can add up quickly, limiting what one can spend on decor and appliances outside the basics. When you add an upcoming wedding to the mix, money can get tight in a hurry.

Luckily, there are ways to strategize when building a gift registry to address some of the nagging issues in your home without directly paying for them. A home improvement style registry is perfect for couples who don’t feel comfortable asking for money, but have some changes they would like to make. Here are some wedding registry ideas to help you upgrade your house.


Does your house still have those standard, unattractive light fixtures the contractors installed when they built the place? Are your taps old and rusty? These are some of the small changes that homeowners dream of making, but have trouble committing to due to more pressing issues. In many cases, fixtures don’t get changed until the entire room gets renovated.

Add taps, doorknobs, and lighting to your registry. While they may not seem like fun things to buy, they can be extremely practical while helping you add those finishing touches to your home.


Many homes, particularly older ones, have limited storage and poorly designed closets. With a simple kit, you can change your closet from a place where monsters might dwell to a work of art. Think beyond a single pole from which to hang your clothes, and start dreaming of shelves, drawers, and shoe racks.

If you don’t have a closet in your bedroom, fear not. You can get closet kits that mount to your wall to keep everything organized and tidy in your room without having to use a department store style display rack. However, those add a nice minimalist approach, so don’t hesitate to add one to your registry if that’s what you prefer.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can make or break a room. Often when someone first moves into a place, the priority is on privacy over appearance. However, a wedding registry is the perfect time to replace your old curtains and curtain rods with something more elegant and stylish.

Remember to be very specific when listing colors, lengths, and styles in your registry. If you plan on painting in the near future as a part of your home upgrading process, you may want to wait on adding window treatments to your list. Unless, of course, you’ve already compared paint chips with the product in a store.

Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

Many of us still have the same microwave we had when we lived in a cell-like dorm at college. While a new one might not be a necessity, an upgrade could be more electrically efficient and reduce the occasions of your food being cold after five minutes of nuking.

A wedding registry is the perfect way to upgrade your kitchen from a mish-mash of old dishes to a more grown up, cohesive set of cookware and dishware. New pans, knives, spice racks, pots, and dishes are all practical items that you are guaranteed to use on a regular basis. As for the old– but still good– stuff you’re replacing, donate the items to a local charity drop-off center.

Towels and Sheets

Towels and bedsheets are items that you use every day and night. As such, they get worn out fairly quickly. Add these to your list, so you have a fresh supply available when the older ones start to get ratty. This is also your opportunity to be a little less thrifty, and ask for some luxurious, high thread-count sheets and lush duvets that you have always wanted, but would never invest in. What better way to start your life together than in comfort and companionship?

Using your wedding registry to upgrade your home is the perfect balance between splurging and practicality. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste, especially if you hate the idea of asking for money.