Using Aromatherapy OilsThink about the last time you purchased body lotion or shower gel.  Did you notice how many different fragrances these types of products use?  Have you ever thought about why those fragrances are even in those products?  It’s been proven that certain fragrances not only smell good, but they can have very substantial healing properties as well.  In a world where so many people quickly resort to medications for even the smallest ailment, Live TRu is helping people find wellness in a more natural way.  As the first to develop and use Verified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, Live TRu is using these therapeutic essential oils in high quality product lines for Body Wellness, Face and Beauty, Dietary Management, Immunity Protectants, and Relaxation products.  Their products are all organic, reasonably priced, and often are an all-natural alternative to many of medications we’re taking today.

They offer a variety of aromatherapy essential oils that can help treat many common health concerns, including immune support, emotional well-being and calming, energizing, inner peace, pain relief, appetite suppression,  and anxiety relief.  For example, if you’re having difficulty sleeping, before taking a prescribed medication that could cause unwanted side effects, try using some of Live TRu’s Lavender Essential Oil topically before going to bed.  If you have minor pain relief that’s needed, you can apply Live TRu’s Peppermint Essential Oil to the area.  If you have difficult waking up in the morning, try their Invigorate Essential Oil instead of pumping your body full of caffeine.  By using all-natural essential oils instead of medications (or caffeine or nicotine) you’ll be able to attain full body wellness in a much safer way.