Using Multiple Monitors Makes Working Easier

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. When I work, I have at least 10 tabs open on my laptop at one time and this is minimal. I am constantly going from email to social media to editing software and more. Not only can moving from tab to tab slow down the performance of my computer, it can get confusing! This is especially true if I am jumping from one application to another for a large chunk of my day. The way to make this easier and less confusing for me is by using multiple monitors.


Because I do a lot of writing for a living, I often have multiple documents open. If I use two monitors, I can copy and paste info between the two or verify information on one monitor while writing in another. For my needs, I have a laptop open and then I have a desktop with a monitor as well. If I am on the road, I will use my laptop and my tablet, which can serve as my additional screen. Because the cost of having multiple devices in your home has come down so much, it is more affordable than ever to use multiple screens when you work or play. I am too busy to shop around for all my electronic needs and with Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile, I have everything I need at my fingertips.

Recently many folks were glued to their televisions and devices while watching March madness. If you are a sports nut like my husband, you probably had several screens open to keep up with the coverage from all the different networks. It is nearly impossible to keep abreast of everything as it happens if you are clicking from tab to tab. It is much easier, and honestly smarter, to have several screens showing the action from the different networks. This way, you can see it all as it unfolds instead of missing something because you were looking for the correct tab! Best Buy helps keep you connected to the excitement with the devices and connectivity that make it possible. This point is brought to life by the brand promise of the latest devices and services, all in one place. With best buy, it is affordable to add a second laptop, TV, tablet or smartphone to serve as your second screen. If you are not sure which combination will best suit your needs, you can find plenty of information from Best Buy online as well as from their knowledgeable staff in their stores. Be sure to follow Best Buy on Twitter.