If you visit vacation destinations like Southern California or Florida every year to see Disney theme parks, you may wonder what type of accommodations offer the most pleasure. Choosing to book a hotel depends on how much you value vacation time. Here are considerations to think about in making your plans.

Hotel Advantages

Most hotels, regardless or room price, are built in convenient locations surrounded by restaurants, shops and other establishments that appeal to travelers. You won’t have to worry about booking more time than you need and you can pay one day at a time.

Hotels usually provide minimal amenities unless you pay top dollar for a resort facility. Typical mid-sized price hotel rooms include a television, one bathroom with a standard tub and shower, a coffeemaker, mini-fridge and internet.

For many travelers a hotel is sufficient enough because it provides the basics. Business travelers also favor hotels since many include business services such as a room with computers and copiers. Hotels have a temporary feel, whereas a timeshare gives you more a sense that it’s part of your personal lifestyle.

Types of Timeshares

  • Fixed Week – owner uses timeshare one week per year
  • Floating – buyer reserves time in a more flexible schedule
  • Right-To-Use – buyer leases property while developer owns property
  • Points Club – buyers have location options after acquiring points

Timeshare or Disney Vacation Club Options

Timeshares are vacation properties that travelers can buy and sell for blocks of time. A timeshare is a lodging facility where owners share properties, as each owner typically uses the unit for one week out of every year. For some people timeshares are the more economical choice if they visit a specific area regularly each year. Not only do timeshares provide more space than a standard hotel room, they are more comfortable since they tend to be resort-oriented. Timeshares offer more quality amenities and high-end features.

While a standard hotel room is one room with two double or queen beds, the standard timeshare has multiple rooms like a home with king or queen beds in private rooms. Timeshares are set up for families or groups of travelers, whereas hotel rooms serve individuals, couples or small groups. You’ll likely find more than one television at a timeshare, along with a more complete kitchen and jacuzzi in the bathroom. Some timeshares provide a washer and dryer.

A timeshare is ideal if you have friends or family members who also need lodging facilities in the same area every year. You may want to explore family timeshare ideas as a vacation gift at DVC Resales. A maintenance crew takes care of keeping the property in shape, so all you have to do is enjoy your time away.

If you plan on visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California or Disney World in Orlando, Florida, there are many timeshares to choose from not far from the parks and other tourist attractions. If you regularly visit these theme parks you may want to join the Disney Vacation Club for a convenient timeshare opportunity. Belonging to a club gives you more protections and a sense of organizational help.

What Travelers are Looking For

Some travelers look for new experiences and scenery while others want familiarity so that they don’t feel out of place. If your family seeks a weekend get away once in a while in a nearby city, hotels and motels are more convenient and economical. But if your vacations are more predictable to the same location every year, you can enjoy enormous benefits by purchasing a timeshare.

Timeshares are excellent if you attend annual events. Personalization is one of the keys that all tourists favor. The more personalized a travel experience, the more memorable it will be for years to come. A hotel can only do so much, whereas a timeshare is more a part of your identity.


Deciding between a hotel or a timeshare comes down to your budget and vacation desires. A timeshare is much more luxurious and enjoyable in terms of comfort, privacy and flexibility. A hotel is more economical if you only take vacations occasionally, whereas a timeshare is more for people who want to commit to visiting a consistent destination.