Posted by Darwin Garza

Since I have two young girls, I have often worried about the safety of vaccines. While I was online looking at direct tv indianapolis, I found some great information about exactly this. My husband has three nephews who are autistic. They are all from the same side of the family, from two girls who are sisters. I feel fairly certain that there is some genetic link to autism and autism spectrum disorders, but I also wonder if there is something in vaccines that may trigger kids into autism and related disorders. Sadly, most doctors push a multitude of vaccines for kids, but is this push really connected to kids’ health, or is it a push backed by financial gain? These drug companies are making billions of dollars off of the sales of vaccines. They do a great job lobbying with the government as well, so there is a vested interest by the government to push and require children to be vaccinated. Oddly enough, if you look at the vaccine regiment from the early seventies versus the schedule recommended for kids today, children are receiving nearly five times the amount of drugs by the time they are school aged. Many of these vaccines are combinations, so in one injection, kids can be vaccinated for three to four different diseases. In the last ten years, the rates of autism and attention deficit disorders have increased by nearly fifty percent. These numbers are alarming. It is time to get to the root cause of autism and how we can protect our children from such a horrible disorder.

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