Valentines Day Craft For Kids

I’ll admit, I’m not crafty – however, I’m trying to be! Doing crafts with my (almost) 4 year old daughter, Mini Me, keeps her occupied and allows me to spend quality time with her while the baby is asleep and also helps us to create memories. I remember growing up doing crafts with my Mom {I’ll admit, my Mom is WAY more craftier than I am!} and LOVED it! Did you grow up doing crafts? If so, what are some of your favs?

So on a chilly January afternoon Mini Me and I decided to start crafting until our hearts were content 😉 and this is a great Valentines Day Craft For Kids:

Valentines Day Craft Garland Tutorial

Valentines Day Kids Craft

Mini Me has a collection of sprinkles and loves to use them when we do ANYTHING! If we are cooking dinner she asks to add sprinkles. So why I found myself saying “NO!” this time I said yes!

What you’ll need:

  • Construction Paper (We used purple, blue, red, pink and white)
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s Spray glue
  • Ribbon, String, or Fishing Line (whateva you got on hand!)
  • Staple or Tape
  • Sprinkles!!!

I simply cut out heart shapes, sprayed the glue on the heart and Mini Me went to town with her sprinkles! She then helped me to create a pattern and put them together in a garland like fashion. You could totally get creative with this and make into a wreath to hang on the front door, write your child’s name in glue and sprinkle the name or hang across a entry way {I’ve got another article that contains 10 FREE Valentine’s Day Crafts at!}.

Let me know if you make these and what you did with the Sprinkled Hearts!

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