Valentines Day Ideas For Guys

It is crazy that Valentines Day is just a few weeks away. It seems like last week we were cleaning up wrapping paper, breaking down boxes and putting way our holiday decorations. If you have a guy on your list who may be tricky to buy for, you probably just finished congratulating yourself for finding something he would like this holiday season. Now you have to dig into your bag of tricks and do it all over again for Valentines Day. When you dread buying a gift for someone, it can take some of the fun out of the whole process. Instead of the dread, just take one of these great ideas and put it to good use on your man:

4 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

4 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

  1. Food: We all know the way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. With that said, we need to think outside the box of steak and potatoes. Have a monthly foodie box sent to your man filled with gastronomical delights he will gobble in about a minute!
  2. Guys Day Out: Many guys will tell you between work, home, kids, and other obligations, they do not get to see their guy friends as often as they would like. Plan a day out for the guys like a golf package or tickets to his favorite sports team. He will love you for this!
  3. Gift Basket: If your man has a favorite hobby like gaming, golfing or sports, get him a basket filled with cool themed items. This will be a cornucopia of fun he will treasure.
  4. Beer: How many guys do you know that love nothing else than to sit down to relax with an ice cold brew. With microbrew beers being so popular right now, any beer lover would appreciate a unique beer. Nothing can be any more unique than a home brewed beer kit from Craft A Brew for your man.

craft a brew

When Kyle Westfall started Craft A Brew, it was because he wanted guys who loved beer to be able to easily make that beer right at home. Instead of a complicated process that takes a chemist and a rocket scientist to make, Craft A Brew can be made by anyone, right in their kitchen. Kyle knows from personal experience that not every guy has the financial means to set up a home brewery to create a tasty brew they can enjoy at the end of a hard day, workout or just because they can. He also knew no guy wanted to fool with a bunch of equipment and follow a series of complicated recipes to brew the perfect at home beer.

With Craft A Brew, you get one box with easy to use equipment and an equally easy recipe. You get only the highest quality of ingredients and a process similar to what award winning home brewers and professional craft brewers use. To make it even better is you get all of this at a price that is affordable for just about any craft beer drinker. The Craft A Brew beer kit makes a fun and unique gift for the man in your life. He will have fun making his beer and even more fun tasting his creation. The starter kits come in over nine different beer styles of your choice from American Pale Ale to White House Honey Ale to the new Intergalactic Pale Ale. With prices starting at just $45.00 for a one-gallon brewing kit, this is one of the best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Guys. Be sure to follow Craft A Brew on Twitter.

Which of the kits from Craft A Brew would your man like?