Jakobi and Mason are sharing their love by sharing their Luv Pup from Pillow Pets.  They are so soft and Mason just snuggles right up to his (theirs).  It was originally chosen for Mason; however, Jakobi liked it so much, he decided to share it!

Pillow PetsTM Brand Limited Edition Loveable Animals Introduced
in Time for Valentine’s Day
Love is truly a plush puppy (or cuddly cat) this Valentine’s Day
Oceanside, Calif., January 25, 2011 – Valentine’s Day is no time to play coy. Wear your heart on your sleeve – or your nose or belly as is the case with the new Pillow Pets™ brand Valentine’s pets from CJ Products, LLC. The manufacturers of Pillow Pets™ plush foldable stuffed animals today announced the release of two special edition products for Valentine’s Day – Luv Pup and Luv Kitty.
Pillow Pets™ brand products were among the most popular gift items for children this past holiday season. Imagine the joy from the children in your life when they receive a limited edition red dog with a big heart for a nose or a cozy red cat with a belly covered in hearts.
“Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a soft, snuggly Pillow Pets plush folding stuffed animal” said Jennifer Telfer, CJ Products’ CEO. “Our limited edition pets, like Luv Pup and Luv Kitty, are particularly special because they’re only available at certain times of year and we only make a certain number of them. With our special holiday series, we’re actually seeing that many adults, in addition to getting Pillow Pets™ for their kids, are also buying the limited edition items for their own collections.”
Made of ultra-soft chenille, Pillow Pets plush foldable stuffed animals are much more than a stuffed animal. With a strap that closes underneath to transform the pillow into a friendly pet, they are an ideal travel pal, naptime buddy and all-around cuddly friend.Pillow Pets plush foldable stuffed animals are available in jungle animals, farm critters and sea creatures – 36 different animals to choose from – and are just one part of the Pillow Pets family of products, which also includes books, blankets, slippers, and games.

The plush foldable stuffed animals are manufactured and distributed by CJ Products, LLC, and Ontel Products Corporation and are available for sale nationwide at retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Kohl’s, Toys R Us, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Rite Aid, Kmart, Sears, JC Penney, Kroger, Hallmark, mall kiosks and specialty stores as well as online.

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