Have you decided what you are going to dress up as for Halloween yet this year?  I am sure all the children have already made their choices, but adults can be a little trickier.  Although there are such fun adult Halloween Costume ideas to choose from these days, such as ones from different eras like the 50’s and 60’s, historic costumes, humorous costumes, renaissance costumes, and horror costumes.  As an adult, Halloween can be just as fun as it is for the kids!

Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas For Women

One costume that always comes to mind, and is always a popular one is the vampire costume.  It is a very popular costume among children and adults.  Have you ever not seen a vampire for Halloween or even a vampire in a coffin at a haunted house?  Popular shows such as the HBO show True Blood and the trilogy book series then movie Twilight have definitely made the vamp costume more popular than ever.  Besides the costume, there are many accessories to make the costume complete, such as make-up, jewelry, chocker’s, coffin clutch handbag and much more.  There are many styles of vampire costumes to choose from as well, like gothic, sultry, traditional or the Morticia style.

This year we are going on a cruise so I wanted to make sure I had a wicked costume with all of the right elements. Here are a few ideas I had to make sure my vampire costume will be top notch.
vampire costume

  • I am going to get my nails done at the salon and have them extra long and shiny black.
  • I purchased eye tooth fangs. Not the full mouth kind, but the ones that secure on to one tooth. this way they will look more natural and not hinder you from speaking correctly.
  • I am going to wear super high boots, black of course.
  • I am getting my hair dyed jet black and will straighten it for the night.
  • I am going to wear foundation two shades lighter than my natural color to whiten my skin.
  • I will wear red lipstick
  • I will do my eyes in a smoky fashion
  • I am wearing the costume to the right

Films About Vampires

Films about vampires date back to the early 1900’s when they were still in the era of silent films.  Since that time, films have advanced greatly, and the amount of vampire films over the years has increased.  Almost every decade has made more movies about vampires than the previous decade.   Vampires have been portrayed in a variety of ways, such as seductive, vindictive, humorous, nice, victimized, and just plain mean.  It seems that no matter how many vampire movies exist, they always still find new and interesting ways to portray them.

I would love to hear about your Halloween costume for 2012.  Also, do you have a favorite vampire movie or show?