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Veggie Tales Newest Movie Is Here From Veggie Tales Sweepstakes

Veggie Tales Newest Movie

My family is always excited when the folks at Veggie Tales have a new movie coming out.  My kids and I have been fans of Veggie Tales for more than 10 years now. We would look forward to new episodes that the kids would watch on television or at church.  Once a new DVD was released, we were excited to head over to our favorite Christian store in town and purchase their latest story.  We went through a time period of almost 2 years that Henry was obsessed with everything Veggie Tales.  Henry had pillows with the Veggie Tales characters, we saw Bob and Larry at the opening of a new store in town and we owned most of the DVD’s and knew all the songs.  One of Henry’s favorite songs was “Barbara Manatee” and I would sing that when I pushed him on the swings and I would change the words from “You’re the one I love” to “Henry is the one you love” and he would laugh his head off!

If you aren’t familiar with Veggie Tales, they are a very popular cast of characters and brand that kids and parents alike are crazy about!  The lead characters are Bob the Tomato and Larry the cucumber, who is a pair of characters that work so well together.  Bob is the more serious guy and Larry is his sillier side kick.  Each story from Veggie Tales is faith based and teaches a moral lesson while staying colorful and fun for the kids.  If you have not heard any of the Veggie Tales songs, I will warn you that they are very catchy tunes and are highly addictive.  Hopefully when you burst into song at the park, there will be another parent on the playground who will sing along with you!  To give you an idea of the popularity of the Veggie Tales brand, who is the child of the Big Idea Company, here are some impressive stats.  Since their beginnings in 1993, they have sold more than 60 million videos, 13 million books and more than 7 million CD’s.  The Veggie Tales television show enjoyed entertaining kids for 4 seasons and many stations showed another show from the Big Idea family, 3-2-1 Penguins!  If you want to meet a cast of characters that are hilarious, you need to check out this cast of space travelers.  To learn more about Veggie Tales, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  To see the complete line of Veggie Tales DVD’s, CD’s, games, plushes and other bran products, you can visit them at Veggie Tales online.

The Penniless Princess

I was so excited when I heard the latest DVD from Veggie Tales; The Penniless Princess is now available.  Although my kids are older, they have never waned from their love of all things Veggie Tales. I also will tell you this is one of the few cartoons the kids like that I enjoy watching and the kids can learn from.  We actually saw the live stage production of the Veggie Tales songs when they were her a few years ago.  The moment the package arrived, the kids tore open the wrapping and had their DVD in the player.  The story is about Sweet Sara Crewe who has a life that is filled with great things.  Sara has a great family who loves her, a ton of good friends and a closet bursting with pretty dresses.  Sara learns a very valuable lesson when her life takes her from having a lot to having a little. I won’t spoil the ending, but even if you can guess how this ends, you will still enjoy seeing some of your favorite Veggie Tales characters.  There is also a really cute song that the kids and I have been singing for 3 days, that is titled “Best Friends Forever”.

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