Vera Bradley GiveawayFirst, I have to start by saying that I LOVE Vera Bradley products.  This is a company that was built on a whim by two women who saw a lack of “pretty” luggage, and they were right!  Why does luggage have to be black and boxy?  Named after one of the original founders moms, they started the company in 1982 and are now recognized worldwide for their amazing designs and anything-but-safe solutions for women from every walk of life in any situation.  Most of their luggage and bags are made of quilted cotton, for that customized and designer look, and you can spot a Vera Bradley from a mile away due to their beautiful and unique fabric choices!  I’ve known the name Vera Bradley for years, and I’ve always wished to own one myself.  Now I’m lucky enough that I do!

I personally am a fan of their “Priscilla Pink” fabric, and I was lucky enough to try one of their quality handbags in this fabric.  You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I got on this bag!  It certainly stands out, and women noticed it everywhere I went and wanted to know where I got it!  It was very comfortable to carry, and wasn’t as heavy as the comparably-sized leather bag I was previously carrying, which is nice, since the contents of my bag are always heavy enough on their own!  It has easy to access pockets inside that are just the right size to keep things organized.

They offer so many styles and fabrics, it’s hard to choose just one to purchase!  With handbag prices ranging from just $11 up to $118, there’s a bag for every budget and every occasion.  Whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Graduation, or just because, treat yourself or a loved one to a Vera Bradley bag today! You can enter to win this bag as part of the mothers day gift ideas sweepstakes.


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