Many traditionally long and cumbersome parts of the work day have been revolutionized thanks to new technology. Everything from the convenience of e-mail to the simple copy paste function have been breakthroughs in the way that people work. But there will always be some parts of the work day that nobody particularly likes to do and jobs that aren’t enjoyable. A lot of people still don’t realize how much more their everyday actions and troublesome parts of their work could be simplified or even eliminated altogether thanks to business video conferencing systems for IT such as BlueJeans. Even more aren’t making the most out of their conferencing software that they could be, using it only to contact outside clients instead of their own colleagues. Here are just a few ways to use your conferencing system every day to its full advantage and how to use it to make your work day more productive:

  1. Instant Communication

Remote working has made corporations more spread out, which sometimes makes it more difficult to contact people when you need to. Video chats are a quick and easy way to contact someone whenever it is convenient for them. All they need is an internet enabled device and to install the cloud based software. Once that is done, you can contact anybody you need throughout the world even from their phones. No longer does your work need to be held up while you wait to hear back from another person. Even with people who work in the same location as you, there is less of a need to get up and walk to their desk every time you need to see them or fetch an important file, as you can quickly and easily have a brief video chat instead.

  1. Stay in Contact

As convenient as it is, working from home can have its downsides too. Career Pivot says that the main one is the feeling of loneliness and isolation from lack of regular social interaction. Even the lack of noise, which is more peaceful at first, can be off putting compared to the background hum of the office environment. They recommend combating this feeling through regular social interaction online with instant messaging, e-mail, social media, and especially through video chats which allow you to see the other person’s face and hear their voice in real time. The very software that caused the boom in remote working can also help you to stay connected with your friends and colleagues from afar. You can even have more control over how much and how often you communicate by switching off your software when you need to work alone. This prevents your important work being held up by constant interruptions or background disturbances.

  1. Travel

With gasoline prices soaring regularly, some people find that a huge chunk of their paycheque goes to the gas they need just to get to work. Public transport isn’t a lot better as the costs soon mount up and commuting can leave you tired and in a bad mood before you even get to work. Constantly having to eat on the run is not only more expensive than eating at home but can result in too many unhealthy fast food meals or caffeine pick-me-ups. Remote working cuts down on travel expenses significantly, meaning you will spend less time each week commuting, will have more financial leeway, and can even help the environment. For those in charge of company financial accounts, you will also see a significant drop in the cost of flying in and hosting outside clients and colleagues who can be reached instead through a video conference.

  1. Flexibility and Health

HexJam lists some of the worst parts of office work as being stuck at a desk all day and staring at a computer screen for hours at a time. Combined, these two cause back problems, eye strain, carpel tunnel, and headaches. Some offices have tried introducing standing desks, but those can be physically draining too. Working long hours in an office is also more likely to cause unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking. By offering staff the flexibility to work from their own homes and make their own hours, they can cut out the likelihood of these health problems by taking regular breaks whenever they need to in order to get exercise, fresh air, or even just have a stretch. This doesn’t mean that people can’t get into the flow when they need to, but they don’t need to feel metaphorically chained to their desk or staring at their screen for eight plus hours a day and can prevent dangerous health issues.

By introducing streamlined conferencing software to your office or encouraging others to use it more frequently, you will eliminate many hassles of the everyday office environment, make work easier for everyone, and even allow people to work from home more often. Try it out with a free trial today and see how much easier it makes your work day.