Video Phone Calls

Video Phone Calls

I will admit that I have not been plugged in to the idea of placing video phone calls.  My oldest lives out of state, but I had no idea you could talk to family, friends and work via your TV!  What a genius concept for those of us who do not get to see our loved ones or business contacts as often as we like.  I have a friend who recently married, whose husband is overseas.  She told me they video chat on their laptops because he will be gone for almost a year.  I could not imagine being separated for that long.  I have another friend who has a special needs child she home schools and she video chats with her child’s teachers several days a week.

There is a company who recently developed a great new way to video chat.  Biscotti Inc. is an electronics company who has created a way to video chat from your television.  What a great way to bring video calls to a new level.  Until Biscotti brought this twist public, you were limited to talking via your computer screen, which most users have a screen 20” or smaller.  Now you can talk to the important people in your life via your large screened TV, which the average size being 37”.  A group of scientists from Texas, led by Dr. Matthew Shoemake decided to bring video conferencing from the comfort of your home.  Dr. Shoemake has background is in Wi-Fi wireless and video communications, so the leap from computer monitor to television screen was a logical one.

HD Television Phone Calls

I have video chatted with ChooChoo via my computer but never with HD television phone calls.  I was asked to review the Biscotti TV phone and I could not wait to try it out.  If you have video chatted before, you know the picture displayed looks really odd.  There is a lag time from your partner’s words to the picture, so it looks choppy.  Do you remember the older TV shows where there was such a gap that people have made fun of them for years?  What is great about the Biscotti TV phone is it is easy to set up and use and the picture quality is remarkable.  The person you are talking to is displayed in real time with no disconnects like you did with talking between computers.  Another great feature of the Biscotti TV phone is that you are able to make free calls to anyone located anywhere.  As Biscotti says, “It’s the next best thing to being there.”

You can purchase the Biscotti TV phone (valued at $149) through their website: