When it comes to finding that perfect destination for your annual holiday, the sun, sea and sand of the Caribbean has everything you could possibly desire. With an abundance of different countries and locations on offer, tourists are well and truly spoilt for choice on Barbados holidays.

But for those interested in relaxing and unwinding on a quintessential paradise island, it is difficult to look beyond Barbados. In addition to chilling out on the beach, visitors can also take advantage of an abundance of adventurous and active pursuits.

Beautiful beaches

Featuring fine white sand and turquoise coloured water, the beautiful beaches of Barbados provide more than enough enjoyment and pleasure for several holidaymakers. In between sunbathing under the intense tropical sun, the calm waves of the Caribbean Sea are just right for an occasional dip in the ocean.

Activities and attractions

From enjoying some surfing or snorkeling on the coast to discovering more about the country’s colonial past in Central Barbados, there is plenty to do on this action-packed yet fascinating island.

Lifestyle and locals

Barbados is one of the most developed islands in the region, but the Caribbean’s laid-back lifestyle hasn’t been lost on the locals. ‘Bajans’ are also well-known for being incredibly welcoming and friendly to visitors, making any tourist feel at home immediately.

Barbados travel tips

When to go

Barbados enjoys a mild yearlong climate, but hurricane season normally runs from June to November. The busiest time of year is December to June, and this is often reflected in accommodation rates that visitors pay during this time. However, hotels are generally much more affordable in the off-season in September and October, but be aware that some hotels close during the off-season renovations.

Local currency

One US dollar has a street value of two Barbadian dollars. Even though stores accept US currency, change will be given in the local Barbadian cash. Certain retailers also accept Canadian dollars and British sterling.

Getting around

The public bus service is efficient and affordable, as each route runs every 20 minutes and costs just US75¢ for any one destination. Taxis are available 24 hours a day, charge a fixed rate set by the government and can carry up to three passengers.

So whether you’re looking to put your feet up and de-stress on the beach, go scuba diving surrounded by some stunning marine life or simply soak up an easy-going and carefree culture, Barbados is the destination for you.