All South  Walton Beach Has To Offer On Friday, May 16th, 2014 I had the most amazing sensory experience at the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) while attending BlogHer Food. While I am sure most people who visit the PAMM have an experience of most senses, mine was complete using all five senses – six if you want to count the spiritual nirvana I left in!! Visit South Walton welcomed a plethora of media, bloggers and journalists to experience firsthand all that encompass a visit to South Walton, Florida. Justin Gaffrey Paint Sculpting As we all poured onto the rooftop of the PAMM, we encountered a truly remarkable sight! Local South Walton artist, Justin Gaffrey, was painting, well more sculpting with paint live! He was the 2005 South Walton Artist of the Year, and it is easy to see why. His works of art are a reflection of the beauty he witnesses everyday in South Walton. Employing an “impasto style,” acrylic paint literally becomes putty in his hands. Featured in the collage above are ‘birds’ nests’ in the various stages of drying. South Walton Beach Blogher food Menu The music piped in over the speakers was from local South Walton musicians, and it perfectly paired with the magical ambiance. The menu was set before each place setting upon beach themed tables, explaining each dish from the local restaurants: The Pearl, Caliza Restaurant, and Seagar’s. A representative from each of the restaurants created their culinary masterpieces right in front of us! Emerald Coast Duo of Tartare Seagars Seagar’s created an Emerald Coast Duo of Tartare with Citrus & Herb marinated tuna and snapper, fork crushed avocado with a citrus salsa and crisp tortilla. Tartare of all kinds is many go-to favorite dish when it is served, and Seagar’s rendition certainly makes the top of my list. Seared Gulf Shrimp Caliza Restaurant Chef Michael Guerra from The Pearl also dished up Florida Blue Crab Cakes with Jicama and Candied Ginger Slaw. Another favorite appetizer served was the Seared Gulf Shrimp from Caliza Restaurant created by executive chef Kevin Korman. The Gulf shrimp was served with fingerling potato and Castelvetrano salad, chili salumi mostarda with a Kalamata “paint.” When served our actual meal of Pinot Noir Braised Beef Bourguignon with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, pearl onions and bacon lardons, I was almost too full to eat from munching on the local delicacies. Almost…South Walton Beach

Miles and miles of sugar-white sand embraced by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and kissed by warm Florida sunshine. That’s what you’ll find wherever you stay in South Walton. When you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover 16 beach neighborhoods…each with its own distinct personality. Some have architecture evocative of exotic locales and others that feel like they sprang from the lyrics of a Jimmy Buffet song. There are places that will keep the entire family constantly entertained and places perfect for that private romantic getaway. There are quaint streets lined with stately vacation homes and pristine natural settings untouched by development. Come explore the 16 beach neighborhoods of South Walton and find your perfect beach.

You will find South Walton Beach is very active on their social media channels, if you do not find what you are looking for by browsing their website, Visit South Walton, please reach out to them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Foursquare. I am sure you will be as entranced with all South Walton has to offer and will be ready for your dream vacation sooner than you think.