vtechVTech was first established in 1980.  Since then they have been the leader in age-appropriate learning toys and is the creator of the Electronic Learning Products (ELP) category.  They are also the creator of the award-winning V.Reader and MobiGo handheld toys.  VTech Electronics North America, LLC is based in Arlington Heights, IL.  VTech is headquartered in Hong Kong and is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones.

What I know Vtech for is their children’s tech toys. My youngest owns a MobiGo2 and now Jakobi has a Vetch InnoTab. He loves this tablet, and it makes him feel all grown up like mommy. He calls it his iPad. Trust me it is more durable than an iPad and geared just for kids his age. I like the fact that it will grow with him as well, so I do not feel like it is one of the short-lived tech toys.

VTech Innotab 2 Learning App Tablet

The VTech Innotab 2 Learning App Tablet is developed for kids ages 3 – 9.  It features a rotating camera, video player, E-Reader, motion games, cartridge library, and downloadable content.

V tech

Jakobi enjoyed the camera most of all. He played with that feature for almost half of the day. He wandered around the house snapping images of his brother, me and his dad and then fitting them into the various fun settings. I was made to be into a pirate, a funny blonde and a puppy dog. You can see above where Daddy was showing him to turn his own picture into a pirate.

The rotating camera, which can go back-to-front, allows kids to take picture’s of themselves and of their friends.  They can also get creative by adding special effects to their saved images. I love that the camera rotates around and so do the kids. This allows them to get several angles and inspires creativity.

By using the video player, kids can capture memories anytime and anywhere of themselves, friend and family. It is amazing the amount of hours that can be used videoing your family doing ordinary things.

The E-Reader allows stories to come to life through interactive, animated e-books that offer story narration, character voices, animation, vivid graphics, sounds and music.  Here is where children can learn and enjoy reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, word building, and interact with animated characters.  As kids read along with the Innotab, they can watch the words being highlighted and can touch individual words to hear how they are pronounced. Each e-book comes with a story dictionary offering word definitions that are easy for kids to understand and helps with the relation of the story.

iPad for kids

iPad For Kids

With the motion games,  the InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet touch screen and motion sensor, can be used as an iPad for kids.  It provides kids hours of fun with learning games and apps on the go.  They can select how they want to play:  by either using skills as one would use on an iPad such as tap, flick, and drag-and-drop, or by using the motion sensor.  With the motion sensor kids can control the on-screen fun by turning, tilting, and moving the tablet in different directions. There is also a coloring app, like the one you see Jakobi and Daddy playing with above. By using the stylus (or your finger) you can change the colors on the picture creating a new design. You get all the fun of coloring without the mess and you always stay in the lines!

The InnoTab 2 offers an extensive library of software cartridges featuring children’s favorite characters such as: Dora, Team Umizoomi, Cars, Thomas, and more.  Each cartridge is fun-filled and provides great learning opportunities. My only issue with the VTech Innotab 2 Learning App Tablet is that the batteries do not last that long. Probably a half a day if that. I would recommend getting rechargeable batteries to save money.

To learn more about the InnoTab 2 or to make a purchase, visit the VTech kids store where they sell for $79.99.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received product samples to facilitate my review.