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Switch Dinos by Vtech

If you have a little boy in your life, this is going to be the next must-have gift they're going to want.  My son's two favorite things are dinosaurs and cars, and now VTech has combined them into one – the new Switch & Go Dinos!  They aren't in stores yet, but you can purchase them exclusively on Amazon today, and they will be in all major retailers just in time for Christmas! You can Buy today on Amazon.

My boys loved these toys, they thought they were really neat. I was really impressed by how easily they were able to switch them back and forth from the Dinos to the car without my help whcih is always a plus to provide a self-play to to a toddler. (It means I can get some work done and they can figure stuff out for themselves.) They have a screen that has light up eyes and makes noises like a car or dinosaur. Mason really got a kick out of that. There's a variety of different models that will be available, starting at just $15.99 for the four starter dinos, or up to $49.99 for the larger, more deluxe models.

Dinos by Vtech

Each dino is a different type of dinosaur that transforms into a car!  They all have an LCD screen on them that will allow the child to personalize their toy by selecting dinosaur eyes while in dinosaur form, and driver faces while in vehicle form.  All of the dinos make noise – in dinosaur mode, there are buttons that trigger facts about each dinosaur to teach kids about the dinosaur they're playing with.  The toys can even sense how the toy is being moved and make action noises that correspond with the movement!

SwitchAndGo Sliver

These toys are easy to transform, so you don't have to worry about your child getting frustrated.  They're bright and colorful, and really bring the worlds of dinosaurs and cars together.  With names like Sliver the T-Rex, T-Don the Pteranodon, Tonn and Stegosaurus, Horns the Triceratops, Attila the Ankylosaurus, Span the Spinosaurus, and Brok the Brachiosaurus, these dinosaurs are really brought to life and your child can choose their favorite (if they can pick just one)!

SwitchAndGo Horns

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