These are the three sizes available for a Wahmies wet bag.  The one I reviewed was an:  All Day size which measures approximately 16″ x 20″.  This size is great for all day outings, spending the day at Grandma’s…anything where the regular size bag just isn’t quite large enough. The All Day size also has a webbed handle for ease of carrying, hanging on a door knob or hook. MSRP $18.50 This Wahmies All Day Wet Bag is being sponsored by Cloth Diaper Market. 

I found this wet bag would hold about a day’s worth of diapers, and it did indeed keep the wet out.  The handle was useful to hang on the door in the bathroom.  I just wish the bag was a tad bigger.  I think this bag would be perfect for a day at the beach or swimming pool to take home all of the wet clothes.  It is also a great size for travelling to bring home all the wet diapers.

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