Logitech washable keyboard

Easy to Clean Keyboard

I live, eat and breathe my computer. This also means that it can be subjected to all sorts of activities like jelly-filled hands, snotty noses, and spilled coffee. yes, I am speaking from experience. I even have a washcloth by my keyboard for quick clean up!  My children have hit the age where everything mommy does, they want to do. They are very interested in games and videos and they spend a lot of time grubbing up my keyboard.   Thank goodness, Logitech has an easy just launched their washable keyboard.  This keyboard can be completely submerged under water without risking it getting damaged.  How cool is that?

This keyboard has a contemporary design to, with functional F-keys and number pad.  The keyboard itself is thin and black with white keys.  They keys and the keyboard are highly durable since the keys are laser printed and then UV coated.  This diminishes the chances of the letters and numbers fading with being washed.  The keyboard has robust tilted legs and increased resistance to surface scratches, making it one of the most resilient keyboards on the market.

washable keyboard by logitech

Logitech Washable Keyboard

This Logitech Washable keyboard works right out of the box since it is plug and play.  There is no software to install so once you plug it in you can immediately start using it.

When washing the keyboard it can by dipped in the sink, rinsed off in the sink, washed with a wet washcloth or submerged up to 11″.  The only thing that cannot be submerged is the USB cable.  There are little drain holes along the back of the keyboard to allow for draining water and quick drying. After trying this out myself. It dried fairly quickly using the shake and towel method. There is also a handy attachable brush on the back to help keep things tidy.

easy to clean keyboard

Lastly are the functional F-keys that can be used for instant connection to popular applications like the Internet, email, volume controls, and more.  The F1 key will allow you to go home, the F2 is to access email, the F3 is used to start a search, while the F4 will open the calculator.  If you like to listen to music on your computer with your media player, pressing F5 will launch the program. You can easily listen to the previous track by pressing F6, where as F7 will either play or pause the music.  The F8 key will allow you to skip tracks.  To control volume, use F10 for lowering the volume or F11 to raise the volume, F9 to mute the volume.  All finished using your computer for the day?  You can easily put your computer to sleep by merely pressing the F12 key.

This keyboard seems like a dream come true in the world of really smart inventions!  If you eat or drink by your computer or if you have children this is the ideal keyboard to own! You can win one by filling out the GT below.


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  1. I like many of their products but right now I really need a laptop cooler so I would love to have the Logitech Cooling Pad N200.

  2. I would love the washable key board as I have a 6 year old grandson who is always eating or drinking at the computer!!

  3. Liked the Logitech page and tweeted. Why do I need this? I have a teenager who does her makeup over my keyboard. O_o

  4. I already liked your twitter page and also tried to like the logitech one, However, this form refuses to accept either and won’t let me get the entries.

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