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Turn A Classic PC Game Into A Board Game

My kids and I love to play computer games and we have an online game account we use often. We have used the computer to play games for fun as well as for home school. The one thing we have not used the computer games for is family game night. My husband is not much of a computer person and he does not enjoy playing computer games. Now the exception to that rule would be his playing Angry Birds on his phone. On family game night we usually play board games and two of our favorites are Life, Yahtzee and Scrabble from Hasbro.  When we were looking for games to buy for our new Xbox, it came as no surprise that game the kids wanted first was Hasbro Family Game Night. We recently found out that one of our all time favorite computer games, Bejeweled had been made into a board game from Hasbro. We could not believe our luck that we were asked if we would be interested in trying out the new game. Um. Yeah!

Turn A Classic PC Game Into A Board Game

The kids and I were jumping up and down when we found out we were getting a copy of the Bejeweled board game. What made it even better was the day our game arrived, I had 2 of my BFF’s kids spending 5 days with us. They played Bejeweled on the computer and Anna could not get over the fact that it was now a board game! She and Caitlin had the most fun playing this game. It is cleverly designed to look just like the screen on the computer version and it is played exactly the same way, so learning it is a no brainer. You just need to move the pieces (gems) around and match at least 3 to earn coins and the winner is he who collects the most coins.

The game is intended for ages 8 and up and you can play with 2-4 players. The kids were anxious to teach my husband the game. He assured us he will play when he comes out of hiding from the 4 pre and teen kids in our house! As an added bonus, the board game comes with a digital download of Bejeweled 3 so you can enjoy playing that version on your computer. You can purchase Bejeweled the board game online at Hasbro for $19.99 as well as from Amazon and fine retails stores that sell toys and games nationwide.

One USA reader will win one Bejeweled board game from Hasbro ($19.99)


  1. My older kids have been obsessed with playing Jenga Boom! Thanks to winter making another appearance they have been spending lots more time indoors playing board games

  2. Love this! I always play this on the Playstation. it would really be cool to have as a board game and play on family night.


    I am going to go and buy it for my son’s birthday!!!!

  4. one direction girl talk the game…i loved that game when i was little im sure my niece would adore it now!!!

  5. Our Family has a few favorites but the boys love to beat our girls on battle ship and the girls love sorry

  6. My fave is this game Bejeweled board game. I have the game online that I won last year and I’m so addicted to it. It’d be great to have the board game to play it with my neices. Thank you 🙂

  7. my favorite is monopoly.. my kids favorite would be Littlest Pet Shop Sweet Delights Treat Truck, lol.

  8. My favorite is Play-Doh Frosting Fun Bakery Playset with Play-Doh Plus.
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  9. I love playing Bejeweled on FB, I play ever day. So I would love to try this board game one out. Thanks-

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