Buying a men’s watch is always a good thing to do anytime, but it’s really hard to decide which one to buy, right? There are literally dozens of brands that you can choose from. The practicalities of wristwatch ownership have been classified into an era of wearables in deciding which brand or model is best for you.

To tell you the reason, a watch is something that has personal value more than just telling the time. It’s a symbol of status, wealth, and family. After all, it is a normal thing for fathers to hand down their watch collection to their son.

Watches aren’t just a piece of accessory, nor is it just jewelry for men. They have an actual function, which is to convey to the people around you your position or convey to them what you have achieved in your life, and maybe a personal statement to some.

Field Watches

Wristwatches weren’t very popular until the first World War broke out in 1914. It changed the watch world forever. Soldiers were still using pocket watches as a habit ever since it’s production, but the trench warfare and barrages of artillery made it difficult to use pocket watches.

There are a number of characteristics that Field Watches have. The display is analog, and it has only a few functions besides telling you the time. They aren’t so big in size, so they wouldn’t catch on any equipment, and they are very heavy-duty. The design is very simple, and the dial is rather easy to read.

Dive Watches

The dive watch was developed to meet a necessity. To be specific, a watch that could be used by divers at great depths, and would still function. The Rolex Oyster was the first diver watch made, which had a case with screws on the back and crown that would seal off dust and water.

The dive watch is designed to not only deal with being handled rough but can also act as valuable accessory hundreds of feet below sea level. It is also a safety gear that keeps track of how much time the diver has spent underwater, especially when avoiding decompression sickness.

Fashion Watches

Rose to fame in the 1980s as the Swiss manufactures faced collapse. Switzerland was caught off guard by the revolution of the quartz model watches, and so the Patek Phillipe manufacturers began to plummet down. The dominance of the Swiss-made watches collapsed, and firms were closing or were merging.

Before, watches were expensive, valuable heirlooms. These watches came with a variety of inexpensive accessories and had bright colors with plastic cases covered with glaring designs. They were so cheap that they weren’t considered to be just watches, but instead, they were fashion accessories.

Aviation Watches

Aviator watches today include a GPS system, slide rule bezel for fuel consumption calculations. One fascinating function is the altimeter. It would be able to warn pilots if there was a sudden drop in air pressure in the cockpit that wouldn’t register on their instruments.

Another valuable trait of this watch is the dial, which was designed for maximum clarity with large numerals on an illuminated display. There is also one unusual characteristic of the aviators watch is that the minute dial is on the outer side, and the hour dial is on the inner side for reasons that minutes are bears more significance than the hours.

Dress Watches

On the other side of the scale, aside from tool watches, are the dress watches. Dress watches value its looks over the functionality and is worn to be a statement of status and wealth that is unseen by its simplicity. They are thin, light, and are designed to make an understatement rather than being really extravagant.

Dress watches are designed for formal occasions as they only serve a few functions. They are proportional to the size of the wrist, and can even have minute and hour hands that are hard to read.


At the end of it all, it all just comes down to one factor that the watch you buy is something of personal choice. If chosen wisely, it can be a prized possession or a valuable gift. It is important always to know what you want, and if you can afford it.

It can be as simple as looking over the internet and looking for affordable watches or can be as complicated as looking for that one specific watch that you have always wanted. It can be time-consuming, but after all, it is time that you are buying.