time piece

It is obvious that a person’s style of dress says a lot about their personality. For example, it is likely that a woman in a designer suit has a better eye for business than a man in sweatpants and flip flops. Still, there is one element of the everyday ensemble that many people neglect to consider in their precise presentations of personality: the timepiece.

Watches have been integral accessories since humans gave up on the sundial, and through the years watchmakers have developed countless styles and varieties to suit every time-keeping need. While you spend your morning selecting the perfect cufflinks or waffling between stud or hoop earrings, consider what your watch is saying about you.

1. Classic Stainless Steel

A watch in shining silver with an orthodox face — a standard circle with numbers, lacking glinting gems or eye-catching colors — will always, always be fashionable. The little black dress of timepieces, a classic stainless steel watch looks as at home in the grocery store as it does in the boardroom. While smaller sizes of bands and faces may be more conservative, almost any watch you wear in traditional stainless steel will say that you know how to elegantly balance casual and formal style without breaking a sweat. In essence, you are the epitome of effortless sophistication, though in most cases the only hint you provide of this ultimate fact is your stunning timepiece.

2. Retro Yellow Gold

While bright, yellow gold will always be a marker of wealth, jewelry made of the material has largely been out of mainstream fashion for several decades. However, watches of warm, gleaming gold continue to be cherished by a select few with enough confidence and grace to pull off the look. To modern tastes, cooler metals like sterling silver, platinum, and white gold tend to pair better with a wider variety of clothing styles; however, those with vintage tastes might find timepieces in traditional yellow gold more complementary of their overall aesthetic. Generally, a glamourous yellow gold watch will state your chic timelessness; try this company for a wealth of yellow gold styles.

3. Subtle and Supple Leather

Leather watch bands are casually cool. The fabric is warmer and more comfortable on the wrist, making the style ideal for relaxed events. Leather doesn’t flash in the light, meaning your watch won’t necessarily catch others’ eyes; in fact, you can likely wear a leather watch without fearing the device will attract attention, making it a subtle fashion statement. Though leather is unquestionably fashionable, a timepiece of the material is certainly not appropriate for formal events, which means that when you wear this watch, your wrist will speak to your nonchalant chic in the dearth of decorous responsibilities.

4. Amenable Digital

For years, fashion experts scornfully wrote of digital watches, bemoaning the trend as a descent into the aesthetic apocalypse. However, watchmakers have come a long way from the gaudy, style-less blocks that once encompassed the total of digital watches; now, dozens of watchmakers produce fabulous digital timepieces that can go absolutely anywhere — from the depths of an ocean trench to a meeting at the top of a skyscraper. All in all, a digital watch speaks to your practicality as well as your ubiquity, in business, fashion, and the world at large.

5. Brand Names

Style aficionados well-versed in the language of watches can distinguish watch brands from a mile away. Most are couth enough to avoid comment on less expensive or less chic brands — but that doesn’t stop them from forming an opinion of your personality and fashion taste based on what you wear on your wrist. Here’s a quick rundown of what style statements are made by the products of a few considerable watchmakers.

  • Well-known watch brand Casio has demonstrated a particular adeptness at producing a variety of attractive digital styles, but most often their timepieces speak to your comfort in more rugged terrains. No Casio piece should ever be paired with formal attire.
  • Timex is an age-old American company, and their watches often speak to their historical significance in the fashion world. New Timex designers are making the brand immensely cool, and these watches’ price tags are generally less budget-busting than other currently hip brands.
  • The inarguable masculinity of a Rolex can work one of two ways: It can be understated and classic, or it can be gaudy and embarrassing. Men and women who opt for Rolexes must own the prestige that comes with the brand, or else they will end up looking like a fool.