Add Warmth To A Room

Add Warmth To A Room

Welcome back to our new series, Makeover Monday, a feature that Jennifer and I will bring you each week.  You can read Jennifer’s post from last week, Redesigning Your Kitchen Quickly and Easily.   This week, I am going to be talking about ways to add warmth to a room.  I would guess many people have that spot in their home that just needs a little pick me up.  You know it won’t take a lot of money or effort, but it needs to be done.  It’s a bit like telling that friend who is shy that you are going to give her a great makeover! It is amazing what big changes a few subtle tweaks can be.  For me, the area I wanted to spice up a little was the wall above the love seat in our living room.  We bought new furniture several months ago and I have never found the right accessories to bring some beauty and warmth to.  It is funny because every other wall in that room has art hanging on it, but this particular wall has just had me stumped!  I decided if I could add a bit of color with accent pillows and find the right artwork, I could tie everything in together and the room would be perfect.  I found a few cool pillows that worked with our chocolate brown furniture and earth toned drapes.  Now all I had to find was the right things to hang on that wall.  The empty space seemed to be taunting me and I was not going to give in!

Blank Wall
I found the coolest company that makes some really unique wall art that I knew would be perfect for that wall.  Alphabet Photography is a “smashing” company as Prince Charles has described it that was started in 2007 by Jennifer Blakeley.   Jennifer took a very simple idea and implemented it into a phenomenally successful business.  Jennifer has put together the largest collection of objects that resemble letters around.  There are so many styles that Jennifer has put together the largest collection of objects that resemble letters around.  There are so many styles and themes to choose from that it can seem dizzying!  Jennifer’s company has gained much deserved attention worldwide, from Chile to England to Australia.  Jennifer has won tons of awards, including the prestigious  40-under-40 award for Innovative Business and has been recognized on Good Morning America and the Ryan Seacrest show.  In last year’s Juno Awards, which is the Canadian equivalent to our American Music Awards, the celebrity swag bags including work from Jennifer’s company?  Jennifer has one big heart and she shows that through her charitable works.  She is the person that you admire for she does not brag but rather lets her actions speak for her.  In 2010, Jennifer worked with more than 20 non-profit organizations, donating more than $30,000 to these deserving organizations.  On a really fun note, the company launched an app called World Chaos which is an addictive word scramble game with the tell-tale letting from Alphabet Photography.

Custom Order Wall Art

Custom Order Wall Art

What I love about Alphabet Photography is that you can custom order wall art with any word or phrase you can possibly think of, as long as it is no more than 9 letters.  If you are a faith based person, you can look through the Inspirational Series, poster sized prints, human lettering and coming soon, the very clever sea foam series.  I personally cannot wait for that one!  It took me a while to decide what it was I wanted to say.  If you think about it, you are trying to sum up what your family stands for in one or two small words.  This is not as easy a task as I thought it would be!  After much discussion and consideration, we decided on the word “ENCOURAGE”.  I didn’t have the most supportive parents growing up, so I make sure every day, several times a day, I am encouraging my kids in everything they do.  I want to help build them into healthy and happy adults that I know they can be.  Well, let me tell you about the one thing that was more difficult than choosing the word; the letters!  Yes, you have about a million letters of different items from all over the world and they are all so cool that it really gives you virtually endless possibilities.

I was blown away by my unique wall art from Alphabet Photography.  It is so awesome and spectacular that it actually brought tears to my eyes.  I grew up with not a lot of money and we rarely had anything new and seldom were it something that would take your breath away.  This is seriously the nicest product I have ever had the honor of hanging in my home.  When I hung the “ENCOURAGE” print above the love seat  it looked fine. needed something for that big wall.  So, I found three pictures of my kids and put them into a complimentary frame and hung it above the Alphabet Photography piece.  Now I can be sure my kids are always on top of being encouraged!

One reader will win an alphabet photograph, up to 9 letters with the floating frame ($99.00)

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  1. I’d love to get my parents a Custom Framed Alphabet Art piece with the word ‘Love’ or ‘Faith’.
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  2. I liked the art that’s titled Family with the quote. ‘A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams. ‘

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