Encourage Imagination Play In Your Kids

They say to build up a child’s mind; you should encourage imaginary play in your kids.  Some of my favorite memories of my kids were when they were caught up in their imaginative worlds that had left me far behind!  When Chelsea was 2 or so, The Little Mermaid had just come out and we had taken her to see it.  One night in the bathtub, Chelsea had brought a fork into the water with her.  She started combing her hair with it and yelling, “I Ariel Mommy, I Ariel”.  Cracked me up!  Caitlin and Henry are also very imaginative and have done some really great things with some paper, glue, scissors and about 100 pounds of glue!  Here are some great suggestions for encouraging your kids to use their imagination.

Encourage Imaginary Play In Your Kids

  • Arts and Crafts: Most kids love to color pictures or string macaroni, but how about throwing them a curve ball?  Give your kids something like a paper towel tube or an empty box and ask them what they can create.  The possibilities are endless!
  • Puppets: What a better way to get a peek into your child’s imagination than through puppets.  To make it even more creative, let the kids make their puppets and ask them to put on a show.  I guarantee you will be amazed at what your kids say!!
  • Build It: Give your little ones a pile of blocks or Legos and they can create a city, a dragon or a spaceship.  Granted, these creations may not look exactly like the item they have replicated, but it is fun to see how their minds work!  I was recently introduced to a really cool new building toy; Zometool.  This clever design is the result of some very interesting and very innovative people who used their imaginations to build something spectacular.

Building Toys For Kids

One of both of my kids favorite toys are building toys for kids.  From a very early age, Henry had a fascination with anything he could build with.  If we didn’t have anything handy, he would find rocks or twigs and build himself a house or fire truck or any number of things.  Zometool is a unique toy that has kids and adults alike, mesmerized.  If you have a child who is interested in science, art or architecture, the Zometool toy is perfect.  Manufactured in a wind powered factory in Colorado, this addictive toy will have your child occupied for hours.  The building set has won scads of very prestigious awards including the Creative Child Awards and the 2012 Kids Product of the Year Award.  My family was sent the Creator 1 ($59.00) which comes with 60 nodes and 246 struts that come in 3 different colors and sizes.  The storage box is nice and sturdy and has compartments for each of the pieces.  The kit also comes with a guide to give your child some ideas on how to create different structures.  If you think the structures look familiar, that may be because the Zometool structures are similar to many playground structures you may have seen. They are based on the same geometric principals.  If you want to give your kid hours of fun, I bet they would love Zometool.

One reader will win either the Pyramid Puzzle ($10.00) or the Crazy Bubbles ($19.00)

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