4 ways to give

My mom was big on giving back to the community and it was a great lesson to learn as a kid. She was especially generous during the holidays and would donate in any way she could. She wanted to try and help others enjoy the holidays where they may not otherwise be able to do so. I have tried to pass the same lesson on to my kids and they have been great in finding ways to give to those in need. Caitlin and Henry both have huge hearts and they are eager to help others. Because they do not have a lot of money to give, they have had to get creative in how they can help those less fortunate than themselves. Here are  a few ways you and your family can offer help in your community:

4 Ways To Donate To Those In Need

4 Ways To Donate To Those In Need

  1. Donate Your Money: If you have the funds to do so, many organizations need money for many areas. The dollars you donate can go to schools for computers or books, to shelters for beds and equipment and many other worthy items. If you think you do not have the money to donate, remember even $1 or $5 or can be a big help.
  2. Donate Your Time: Many people who may not have the financial ability to donate to worthy causes will volunteer their time. The kids and I have volunteered cleaning the homes of the elderly and disabled, babysitting the kids of single moms and as guides at special needs events. Next weekend, Caitlin and I are volunteering for the county library foundation at the Children’s Reading Festival.
  3. Donate Your Goods: We give a lot household items to several organizations in our community. We have donated mountains of clothing and household items to shelters, churches and families in need. Each year, we try to give new and wrapped items to families we know who may not have Christmas gifts.
  4. Donate You Food: We donate canned goods, non-perishable and have cooked meals and donated them to women’s shelters nearby. You can also contact local churches and hospitals who may need you to cook for families in need.

bombas socks

I love to learn about companies who give back to those in need, either in monetary donations or in goods. Bombas Socks, in collaboration with Hannah’s Socks, is a company who is doing just that for children in need. Bombas Kids are socks that look fantastic, feel great, and are guaranteed to last, which is something parents appreciate! Bombas Kids also has a mission to help those in need, so for every pair you purchase, a pair of Bombas Socks will be donated to someone in need in the USA. The idea came when a quote from Major George Hood of the Salvation Army said, “Through our work with those in need, we know that socks are the most requested clothing items at homeless shelters.” What I think is cool is often times when items are donated to shelters, they are not the most fashionable items on the block! With the colorful and uber comfortable Bombas Socks, these kids are getting donations which are fun. Possibly they even get caught up in the joy of these brightly colored accessories they forget, even for an instant, their situation. You can join in on the Bombas Socks IndieGoGo buy one-donate one project by visiting the webpage and purchasing your sock(s) through May 23rd.

So what makes Bombas so unique? Where do I start?! They are made of the softest Prima cotton, which is like wrapping your tootsies in clouds! They are colorful, fit like a glove without chocking your feet and are built to last. Their innovative Honeycomb Support System design in the mid-foot, distributes the pressure evenly, giving you a comfortable fit. They have a blister tab to protect you from rubbing, has a hand sewn toe seam so you do not feel that irritating seam and they have Stay Up Technology so they are not always falling down. As a matter of fact, they even have an unheard of Bombas Growth Guarantee, which means if your child grows out of their Bombas Socks within a year of purchase, you get the next size up at no charge! Now that is a guarantee I can get excited about! The Bombas socks come in a variety of colors for kids, teens and adults and are available in ankle and calf lengths. The prices range from $9 for a single pair to $144 for a complete set of 16 pair! Be sure to follow Bombas Socks on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

How do you and your family give back to those in need?