Ways To Save Money At Amusement Parks

My kids are your typical teen and pre-teen who love to be outdoors hanging with their friends. We constantly have the kids in the neighborhood knocking at our door, asking if my kids can come out and play with them. We have a lot of fun stuff for the kids to play with including a trampoline, a pool, an electric scooter and a creek on the side of our property. Also, we live near Pigeon Forge, TN and we are lucky to have a lot of amazing family oriented attractions nearby. So, when the kids get bored with all their toys, we can load up the car and head out to any number of attractions within a 60 minute drive. Recently we went to an indoor water park as well as an amusement park. The one thing I have learned from living near and visiting these places often, is how expensive they are. In order to save our pennies and still have fun, I always follow these tips:

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How To Save Money At Amusement Parks

  1. Parking: Many of the larger amusement and theme parks have off site parking that is cheaper. In our area, we parked at a satellite parking area and took a trolley to the amusement park, which cost 50 cents for each of us.
  2. Tickets: For many parks, you can get discount if you buy your tickets online. Also, many grocery stores have season passes at the beginning of the summer for a huge discount.
  3. Discounts: If you have AAA or AARP or others club memberships, they probably offer discounts to the attractions in your area. Also, if you go later in the day, many parks will give you the next day free.
  4. Backpack: Instead of renting a locker for your belongings, bring a backpack. I put sunscreen, my camera, wallet, tickets and other essentials in the backpack and let my husband carry it!
  5. Food and Drinks: Eating and drinking at the parks can be your biggest expense. For a family of 4, the last time we went to the amusement park, we spent almost $100 for one meal and drinks for the day. This time, I got smart and instead, I packed water and snacks in our reusable bags from Yummi Pouch.


I have been a fan of reusable pouches for a few years now. I have used my share of them, but none have been made as well nor have been as durable as those from Yummi Pouch. Most of the reusable snack and sandwich bags I have are made with a Velcro closure, but the Yummi Pouches are made with a zipper. Yay! Also, the Yummi Pouches are made from a water and BPA proof fabric instead of regular fabric, which I hate! They are also dishwasher and freezer friendly. We took the larger cloth Everything bag, which sells for $10, to keep our bathing suits in after we swam.

The Sandwich bags which sell for $6, were perfect for, of course our sandwiches and the larger chips and crackers for snacks. We also brought dried fruit in the small snack bags which sell for $5. You can also find the very cool Yummi Pouch Brites, which sell for $14 for 3 (but they are on sale right now for 30% off!). These are perfect for the younger kids to put baby food applesauce, smoothies and homemade blended snacks. We actually filled them with water from the park’s water fountains and saved on carrying a bunch of heavy water bottles. The Yummi Pouch Classic comes in a set of 6 for $15 and they have a cool carrying bag which comes in 3 different colors, which you can get for an additional $5 each.


It is no surprise the Yummi Pouch products were created by parents for parents. Katie and Andy wanted to offer other parents a way to serve their kids good nutrition while making the feeding process simple, eco-friendly and cost-effective. They have got my vote, that is for sure! I love the colorful patterns, the sturdy construction and the ease of a zipper and the peace of mind knowing the food will stay inside the pouch while I am on the go! Be sure to stay current with Yummi Pouch by following them on Twitter. One USA reader will win one variety pack of Yummi Pouches ARV $25.

What is one of the ways to save money at amusement parks you like the best?


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