Saving Money At Starbucks

Ways To Save Money At Starbucks When Travelling

Start Earning My Starbucks RewardsIn order to start earning my rewards you need to secure a Starbucks card. Recently, there was a Plum Save published, so if you are lucky enough to snag one of these deals you are already starting ahead. You have different levels to earning your rewards.

  • The first level to start your journey to save money at Starbucks is the Welcome level. This level lets you get a free drink on your birthday.
  • The next level is Green. It takes 5 stars to earn a green level. This level allows you to get free syrup upgrades, soy, free refills and a free beverage when you buy a pound.
  • The third level is gold. This level takes a collection of 30 stars within one year. I think I just might hit that on my trip to Vegas! I have a meeting every thirty minutes for three days for 8 hours. I will be using an iCoffee drip from Starbucks! This level entitles the best way to save money at Starbucks. Every 15 times you use your card, you earn a free beverage. The barista uses your name because you have a personalized card. You also get all the benefits of green and welcome card holders.

Buy Gift Cards Online You can get Starbucks cards off of Ebay for almost 10% off. Then you can just transfer the balance to your Starbucks Rewards Card. Other place to try are Plastic Jungle and Craig’s List.

Help save the environment and save money at starbucks If you choose to be eco-conscious and save your cup, if you are a green card holder you can get free refills. If you bring in a cup you own, you can save $0.10 a cup, and you can also bring in a large cup (venti) and order a tall and they will fill it up for you at the tall price.

Creative Ordering Tips For Starbucks Beverages – Or How To Get More Coffee For Less Money!

  • Order a double espresso in a venti cup over ice. If you have a green card you can get a flavor shot for free. Go over to the condiment table and add your own milk to make an iced latte with flavor. You can even order a single espresso over ice in a tall or venti cup to adjust your level of intensity. Either way you are saving bucks at Starbucks!
  • Instead of a Caffe Latte, try a Caffe Misto instead. This beverage is half coffee and half steamed milk and can save you 85.
  • Buy a coffee press instead of two automatic drips. Stay awhile and enjoy the free internet at Starbucks. The coffee Press makes four 8-oz. cups of coffee which would cost less than ordering two 16 oz. drip coffees.
  • Here is the big travelling tip: Use the TREAT RECEIPT!! I don’t know about you, but at most hotels I am at, the Starbucks is really close if not in-lobby. The first place I go to when I wake up, to well, help me wake up. Then, I always visit them again, when I am in the lobby for a mid-day pick-me-up. I also grab one on my layovers and pre-boarding. That is several times to enjoy the “treat receipt.” The “Treat Receipt” is a great Summer hit and entitles you to a $2 beverage. This is awesome if you are a summer frap drinker. To get your Treat Receipt, just come in anytime before 2 p.m. for your regular morning drink and return after 2 p.m. with your receipt in hand for any cold hand crafted beverage for only $2 (plus applicable tax).

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