spoil your mom

From the time I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a mom. I wanted that white picket fence, the house, 3 kids and a few pets. Here I am many years later and virtually all of those dreams have come true. I never thought being a mom could be so hard and so rewarding all at the same time. I have got 3 of the best kids a mom could hope for and I am incredibly proud of them. I do work hard at being a wife, running the house, taking care of the kids, and working. I am also not one to ask for a whole lot, but on Mother’s Day, I do like to be spoiled a little bit. My family has not really gotten this hint very well over the yeas, so I thought I would leave them some bread crumbs to figure out a few ways to spoil your mom! If this sounds familiar, I encourage you to leave this open for your family!

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4 Ways to Spoil Mom

  1. Start Her Day Right: Most moms do not get to sleep late, so on her special day, let her sleep in. Once she wakes up, serve her breakfast in bed. Trust me, this does not need to be anything fancy, as long as she does not cook the food or get up to eat it!
  2. Clean The House: While mom is enjoying her lazy morning, this is the perfect time to clean up around the house. I know in my house, I am the one who cleans at least 75% of the time. My husband is pretty good about doing the dishes and keeping the family room straight, but everything else is left to me. It would be nice to have one day I do not need to lift a finger to clean anything.
  3. Let Her Relax: This is hard for me because I am always doing something. When I am relaxing, I feel as if I could be doing so many other things. I love to take a nice hot bath with some candles to let the stress leave my body. After, I would enjoy just laying around in my pajamas and robe and read a book. I might even put on a face mask!
  4. Take Her Out For Dinner: Since we had breakfast in bed late, we probably skipped lunch. By the time dinner rolls around, we should be good and hungry. Since we have spent most of the day relaxing, we probably will not feel like cooking. Take us out for dinner! Again, nothing fancy is expected since the kids will probably be going. Anywhere that serves something other than chicken nuggets and spaghetti-o’s is perfect!


This year I got a great treat filled package from one of my favorite companies, Cloud b. I have been a big fan of Cloud b, as you can see from my review, “Help Kids Sleep Better From Cloud B.” Cloud b is a company founded on a mother’s desire to bring a peaceful night’s sleep to families worldwide. I can attest to that as Henry still, two years later, sleeps with his Tranquil Turtle from Cloud b. Now I get to have a relaxing day with my Mommy’s Dream Time Gift Set.

The gift set, which sells for $50 on the Cloud b website, includes a robe, sleep mask, and journal. I have been in need of a nice robe for a long time, so when I saw this soft and luxurious robe, I was so excited! I also really like the lavender scented cloth eye mask because it has removable hot and cold gel packs. I keep the get pack in the freezer and at the end of a day spent looking at a computer screen, it is so refreshing on my tired eyes. The dream journal is super sweet and I actually gave this to Caitlin. She has been asking for a diary/journal, so what the heck, right?! Although I have already pampered myself with my gift set from Cloud b, I can guarantee you I will be using it again on Mother’s Day! Be sure to stay current with Cloud b by following them on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. One USA reader will win one Mommy’s Dream Time Gift Set ARV $50.

How would you like to be spoiled this Mother’s Day?