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staying hydrated in the summertime
Long summer days are a great excuse for us to get outside as a family. Unfortunately, once we leave the house we are faced with the harsh reality that we live in Florida and will most likely break a sweat within five minutes of being outside. Keeping Aidan pent up indoors isn’t normally an option, especially since Chris works nights and needs a quiet house to get his rest. Many days we head to the park or to the zoo, run errands or take trips to the local outdoor shops. When we are out and about all day long, it is important to me to make sure Aidan is getting enough fluids.

staying hydrated in the summertime

5 Ways To Stay Hydrated In The Summer Heat

  1. Ice Pops- This is probably the most fun way for Aidan to stay hydrated. This is probably also one of the most unhealthy ways, unless special attention is is made to the grams of sugar in the nutrition facts. Usually, ice pops are saved for special occasions or as a treat for good behavior.
  2. Eat Your Water- Water is a key component in many fruits and vegetables. I always try to fill Aidan’s plate with foods like watermelon, broccoli, strawberries and carrots. Food lets me trick him in to “drinking” enough throughout the day.
  3. Water- While this might be the most obvious way to stay hydrated, it’s definitely not the most fun. Water can be boring, so put a little spin on it by slicing some lemon wedges, watermelon chunks or cucumber to keep in your water pitcher.
  4. Electrolytes- One of the vital aspects to staying hydrated is making sure you are getting enough electrolytes. The easiest way to keep your electrolytes in check when it is hot out is by drinking sports drinks, but be sure to watch the sugar!
  5. Juice- A great way to stay hydrated is though juice, but many times juices, especially from concentrate, are packed with unnecessary sugars and other ingredients.

When it is scorching outside, dehydration can be a real threat, especially for your children. The above hydration tips all have their advantages, but the easiest way for me to keep Aidan hydrated is with fresh and natural fruit juices. One of our favorite juice brands has become Evolution Fresh. Evolution Fresh juices can be found in the produce section, with other fresh juices. They offer tons of great juice combinations, like Organic Spicy Lemonade, Coconut Water and Greens, and combinations such as Defense Up and Power Protein. I chose to give Aidan Defense Up, since it is a blend of many of the great fruits that he already loves. He loved telling me what flavors he tasted, and was even able to name three of the juices! “Mommy! Apples! Oranges! Pineapple?” I like to claim that I have a super smart 3 year old, but I know that Evolution Fresh makes it easy to distinguish between the different flavors in their juices. They peel, press and squeeze raw fruits and vegetables. After chilling, they are blended and bottled and put under a special process called High Pressure Processing to help protect the integrity of the fruits and vegetables and nutrients. Interested in learning more about High Pressure Processing, take a look at this video!

Looking to shake things up a bit? Evolution Fresh juices are great for creating unique concoctions. You can make adult drinks like fresh strawberry lemonade daiquiris or flavored margaritas, or keep things healthy with a fresh fruit and yogurt smoothie. You can find great recipes on their Pinterest page, and keep up with all of the latest and greatest news on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages!