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Have you ever stopped to think about what we women go through to look beautiful? Men have no idea how easy it is to be the masculine sex! All they do is basically shower, shave and get an occasional haircut and they are good to go! Women on the other hand can go through a lot of hoops to look as amazing as we do! Here are just a few of the ways women sacrifice to look good!

5 Things Women Endure To Look Good

  1. Waiting For Beauty Services: Women do a lot of waiting in order to look their best. When we go to the salon to have our hair, nails or a facial done, we can wait for hours on end for the process to be completed. This includes waiting for them to call you back and the time it takes to complete the hair cut, facial or massage.
  2. Putting On On Make Up: The average time it takes a woman to get her hair done, makeup on and get dressed each day is 76 minutes. That time is used with 31 minutes being spent on our hair, 16 minutes on our make up and 18 minutes deciding what to wear.
  3. Squeezing Into Clothes Smaller Than Our Body: There are times women need a little help to get into that little black dress or skinny jeans. It is not just us regular girls who wear Spanx, but celebrities do as well. Gwyneth Paltrow, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Garner are all fans of Spanx. If they can do, we sure can, right ladies?!
  4. Painful Beauty Treatments: Women also go through some painful rituals to look good. We shave, wax, pluck, bleach and more. Sometimes we women sacrifice to look good.
  5. Shoes That Hurt Your Feet: Women have been known to wear some pretty high heels and crazy and complicated footwear in the name of fashion. We get corns, blisters, bunions and even misshaped feet from our footwear. But fashion does not need to hurt! With the comfortable line of footwear from Cobb Hill Shoes, women can look and feel great when they step out.

Cobb Hill

I was sent the cute, stylish and extremely comfortable Colleen platform heel from Cobb Hill Shoes. The shoe, which sells for $100 on the website, has a chic 3-tone full grain leather look with a pretty t-strap and cork wrapped heel. With the memory foam foot bed, you can walk all over and your feet will never feel it. To make walking even more comfortable, the Colleen has added stability in the mid-sole which supports your arch and gives you a smoother stride. The elasticized ankle buckle closure adjusts to you, so you get a nice and snug fit every time. The 3.25″ heel is the perfect height to lift you up without making you feel you are teetering!

You can find the Cobb Hill base camp on the commercial waterfront in Boston. The business is located across from the dry docks of the city, which is where Cobb Hill gleans much of their inspiration. The folks at Cobb Hill Shoes can see the busy folks of the area all around them. Seeing these  hardworking people motivates Cobb Hill to create the most comfortable yet great looking line of footwear possible. From their wide range of shoes, you can find sandals, waterproof hiking boots and shoes, pumps, boots, sling backs, slips on shoes and more, all with an extensive range of sizes and widths. Be sure to follow Cobb Hill on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your least favorite of the ways women sacrifice to look good?