We Need To Care To Recycle In The Bathroom

Many of us go through our day using products and throwing away their empty containers without a thought. As we become educated about how damaging all these excess plastics and other materials are to the planet, we have begun to take pause. It is hard to not pay attention to the fact that of the 1.5 tons of solid waster we each create annually, we only recycle about 30% of it. When thinking of our energy bill, for every 100 aluminum cans we recycle, we can light up a room for two whole weeks! Studies show that 86% of us have access to curbside recycling service, but did not know about it or how to access it. In my area, we have free service that includes bi-weekly pick up service and a huge recycling container to put everything in. In the spirit of recycling and to encourage all of us to participate, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is launching a new campaign, CARE TO RECYCLE™. This particular movement is working to prompt us all to care to recycle in the bathroom.

Recycle In The Bathroom

The CARE TO RECYCLE™ project is the first of its kind to be hosted by Tumblr exclusively, which is awfully exciting. In addition to Tumblr, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies has partnered with several recycling organizations, including Recyclebank, Keep America Beautiful, Earth 911 and Net Impact’s Small Steps, Big Wins.By sharing the information with our friends, neighbors and family, we can help others see how important it is to recycle. One of the places in our home we do not always think about is to recycle in the bathroom. We have plenty of plastic bottles and other items that could be recycle friendly materials in that room and we do not even know it. As a matter of fact, while 7 in 10 Americans may recycle, only 1 in 5 of those do so in the bathroom. To give you more insight into the program, the folks at Johnson & Johnson have created a short video for you.

As a matter of fact, if you took just the 15 ounce plastic shampoo bottles that we throw away every year, we could fill almost 1,200 football fields. That is more than 18,000 tons of plastic that is filling up our landfills that could have been recycled. Although the typical bathroom is a smaller room than any other in the house, a small recycle bin can usually be placed there. To help get the family involved, make a game of recycling in the bathroom. Whenever someone is in the shower and finishes a product in a recyclable container, see if they can score a point by tossing it in the recycle bin! If we can all do our share, we can all save the planet because Our Babies Will Inherit Our Planet , so please recycle in the bathroom!