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We Take Breast Cancer Awareness Personally

This post is sponsored by Philips Healthcare but all opinions are completely my own.

By the end of 2013, almost 1.4 million women will be given the news they have breast cancer.  Although breast cancer is more common in women who have gone through menopause, 25% of women under 50 will get the diagnosis. We can identify certain risk factors like inherited gene mutations and family history, but of those diagnosed, 70% no risk factors that were identified. Many of us have been touched personally by this disease, including myself and Kelly, my lead writer. I lost my grandmother to the disease and Kelly’s mom was diagnosed in 1999 and has proudly wearing pink every October since. Because we take breast cancer awareness personally, we appreciate companies who do their part in the fight against this disease. The folks at Philips Healthcare believe that early detection is a must and personalized care should be tangible for every woman.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Philips is committed to bringing you innovative products that will make a difference in your life. They wholeheartedly believe everyone deserves to be healthy, live well and enjoy their lives. Through their product design, they bring you products that solve health concerns and expand access to care. One way they are doing this is through the advanced imaging systems like the Philips’ MicroDose Mammography which delivers high-quality breast images at a low radiation dose. Not only do you get a less stressful time during your mammography but it lends to making a diagnosis and less invasive therapy options.  Now in their second year supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, Philips is encouraging early detection, is facilitating free testing for women and supports research through their donations. As part of their campaign, Philips Healthcare is working with Philips Lighting by illuminating landmarks Pink around the world and raising money for breast cancer research. They are also encouraging discussions around breast cancer prevention and talking about the importance of low dose mammography screening technology.

With their Micro Dose Mammography, women get a high image quality with a low dose of radiation. This machine runs between 18-50% lower than traditional mammography machines, for an average of 40%, which is critically important. A woman’s breast is highly sensitive to radiation and therefore they must be given the advantage of a mammography with a low dose machine. Women are not exactly crazy about getting a mammogram and Philips wants to make the experience as stress free and comfortable as possible. By designing a machine with an ergonomic,  warmed and curved breast support, clinicians can perform the examination in less than five minutes. With the ergonomic design, the risk of work-related, repetitive strain injuries to technologists is greatly reduced. To learn more about this fantastic development in mammography machines, please visit the website for more information. Please show your support for Philips efforts by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway…encourage all the women in my life to get annual BC screenings; buy products that support BC i.e. “pink”; make a donation to a BC organization.

  2. I would support brands that support the fight against cancer and i would spread awareness and encourage early detection

  3. I would sponsor friends who take part in “race for the cure” events and buy as many pink ribbon products as I can.

  4. Our local grocery store seels their store brand products specially marked and when you buy them they donate to the breast cancer cause..I always buy those products

  5. I would join the discussions around breast cancer prevention and talking about the importance of low dose mammography screening technology.

  6. I would get my yearly breast exam, and encourage all my daughters to do the same. I also buy many products in support of “Pink” breast care awareness.

  7. Wear pink to support all of those individuals diagnosed with Breast Cancer and spread the word about the importance of mammograms.

  8. let my friends know how important to regular mammograms. i would go out and buy a new comfortable bra in pink with matching panties.

  9. I would use this to take a friend of mine that is currently going through chemo for breast cancer out for the day.
    I would take her out for lunch, buy her an outfit and a new hat. But most of all I would make sure that the day was all about her and making her laugh.


  10. I would support the Philips Healthcare support breast cancer awareness by donating it to the Susan G. Komen®

  11. both my grandmother and mom have beat breast cancer and we are all huge supporters of raising money! We run the races at least 3 times a year and help spread the word!

  12. I would encourage my mother-in-law and sister to set up an appointment with me for an annual check up by offering to pay for lunch afterwards 🙂

  13. My mother and aunt are both breast cancer survivors it was a very scary moment in not only their life but family and friends as well. With that said I would continue encouraging family and friends to go get regular mammograms. Spread the word by any means that I could such as speaking about my moms story, wearing one of many Susan G Komen shirts I have. Making donations as well as sharing the fact that I made a donation on social sites like twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Think it helps being creative catches the people eye so maybe even have my chihuahua wearing a shirt showing support for breast cancer awareness as well as decorating my car with pink duck tape on bumpers, hubcaps, and breast cancer ribbon magnets on the side of the car.

  14. Spread awareness by stressing to female friends and family to have mammograms and donating to the cancer society.

  15. I would participate in more walks and purchase pink gear for loved ones who have beaten it! We have relatives on my side and my husband’s side who have beaten breast cancer.

  16. I would continue to encourage my friends and family to go in for mammograms and do their regular self-checks. I lost my mom, my step-mom, and a dear friend to breast cancer, and am currently doing what I can to help another dear friend who is going through it. Breast cancer has hit close to home for me too many times, and I am doing what I can to make sure that nobody else I care about (or anyone) has to go through it again.

  17. I would show my support by wearing pink. I don’t know anyone personally who’s dealt with breast cancer, but my husbands grandmother passed away from it at only 48. That’s so young.

  18. I wear pink Breast Cancer clothing all of the time to support the cause and to show that I am a survivor of breast cancer going on four years now. I also support the local Relay for Life in my hometown.

  19. I would use the gift card for the payment when I go to the doctor’s office, there couldn’t be a better use than that! Also, to talk about health awareness with everyone you can is good.

  20. I would definitely donate and spread the news about regular checkups. Very important because I had a scare my self. Teach people to learn how to do breast checkups on themselves.

  21. I would tae the gift card and an spend $50 of it then donate the other $50, and win or not I will post on facebook and twitter to remind women to get their annual mamegrams done and not to forget to do a home monthly breast exam. My grandmother lost a breast to breast cancer and I want to remind people that we are still looking for a cure. So Keep a Breast and Get Checked.

  22. Really the best way is just talking about it. Ask your friends if they know how to do a self breast exam. Look into family history, has anyone had it?
    If they’re willing, ask a survivor about their story.

  23. I would use this gift card to support by going and actually getting myself check out! Breast cancer does run in my family and I know I should go get myself checked out but between fear and financial reasons I have not. This GC would help for that.

  24. I would volunteer and talk to different organizations to have a mobile vehicule where people can come and have a free screening. I know a lot of people that cannot afford to go to the hospital to have a test. I would also donate $50 to an organization.

  25. I already purchase the pink breast cancer awareness products. Having had a family member overcome cancer earlier this year I understand the important of these campaigns.

  26. I would sponsor some of the other ladies in the Cancer Walk coming up in Tuscaloosa Al. Perhaps would participate in the Release the Tatas next week.

  27. I would donate the 100.00 to the Susan G. Komen program! What an awesome program it is!!! **SAVE THE BOOBIES**

  28. I would purchase Breast Cancer Awareness items to give away & spread the word about the need to support charities and research groups dedicated to finding a cure.

  29. I’d use it to pledge someone in a local breast cancer awareness walk.

  30. I’d buy pink workout clothes so everyone could see my support and continue doing the daily clicks that fund mammograms

  31. I would purchase pink clothing and accessories and wear them to show my support of breast cancer awareness.

  32. I would give the money to support a worker who is walking/Running for Breast Cancer Awareness

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