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Wearing Stylish Workout Clothes Makes You Feel Good

I have been working hard to lose weight and I have had good success so far. I am watching what I eat, and because I am cooking healthy meals, my family is eating healthy as well. I have also been walking whenever I get the chance, and with the boys school being close to the house, I am able to walk there during the week. I have also been practicing yoga and I am really enjoying it. I love how my body feels from the breathing, stretching and toning I am seeing and feeling since I started. Because I am taking a yoga class, I prefer wearing stylish workout clothes when I am there. In my opinion, it just completes the overall look and feel yoga says to me. Recently, I was introduced to an online company that sells really nice workout clothes and accessories for men and women. MPG Sport prides themselves, as they should, on their gift for putting function and fashion together and creating some awesome looking athletic wear.

Wearing Stylish Workout Clothes

Since I have been exercising and getting my body healthy, I have come to really enjoy this new lifestyle. Yoga is very relaxing and puts me in a nice stress free and calm state. This is a part of my day that I treat myself to some quite time that is all for me! When I am wearing stylish workout clothes, it makes me feel good about myself. I was sent an outfit from MPG Sport that I have really enjoyed wearing to yoga. The Sphere boy cut shorts are so comfortable and have some give to them so they do not squeeze you like some fabrics do. I love the lace trim panels in the front to give them a pretty feminine touch. The top I chose was the Yoga Toner Sleeveless Tank which is just what I need when I exercise. The fabric is moisture wicking and quick drying to keep me comfortable. I appreciate the built in bra support and the mesh panels that are added for support. Both pieces fit incredibly well, feel great and look great as well. This is one outfit I see myself wearing often! The people over at MPG have done a great job making workout clothes that you will want to wear when you are exercising and where you are not. With the stylish construction and the comfortable fit, I see why people would want to wear them all the time! You can purchase the Sphere boy short for $44.00 and the Yoga Toner Sleeveless Tank for $50 (but it is on sale for $25.00 currently), online in the  MPG web store as well as in specialty shops that carry fine work out and athletic clothing nationwide.

MPG recently set up a mailing list app on their Facebook page where you are sent a 25% off discount code via email! If you request this code, you will be entered in the giveaway for a full outfit by filling out the GT form below.


  1. I like any of the tank shirts. I have to wear a back brace and I have to wear a tank or a cami under it. Than ks for the giveaway.

  2. I really like the Balance Pants in black or gray, and I would pair it with the Envy Tank in bright coral.

  3. I love capris but not for working out so definitely the sporrs bra and the toner tank top.

  4. I like the Avert Leggings in charcoal gray. I do not have a single pair of full length leggings and could REALLY use them for hiking.

  5. I like the Furtive MPG Black Series Convertible travel jacket!
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