Web Hosting Geeks provides the top 10 virtual private servers. You may ask yourself, how would I benefit from a virtual private servers. Having the your own virtual private server can give your online business or website the advantage to grow through the online performance, flexibility, and security which may be hard to achieved on a shared server. A dedicated server tends to cost well over a $100 a month but with a virtual private server, you can have the best of both worlds; lower cost, enhanced protection, freedom and flexibility and guaranteed system resources such as a scalable solution that gives your business room to grow. A Virtual Private Servers is like a dedicated server in several ways, one being that you have to actively maintain the server. This can be a draw back for some people but for others it doesn’t matter. Using the right VPS web hosting site is important when making sure all your needs are being met.

Web Hosting Geeks helps people get the best price-value ration through the online ranking of virtual private servers/ VPS web hosting.  The ranking is determined on the reliability of the host, the uptime, key and bonus features, support given by the company, user-friendliness, feedback from past and current users, and awards that have been given to that site.