Webkinz App For iPad

Webkinz App For iPad

Are your kids into Webkinz?  If they are, you will be pleased to know there is a Webkinz App For iPad and Facebook.   My boys, Mason and Jakobi love Webkinz and they have more than a few in their possession.  I think the boys get more fun from going online and registering their Webkinz than they do actually playing with them!  If you aren’t familiar, Webkinz is a line of adorable plush stuffed pets that come in a “regular” size and a mini size.  You get a tag on your Webkinz that has a code which you can then go online to Webkinz Online register your pet and play games and buy items with Kinzcash which you win by earning points with the online games.  Now you can carry that theme to another level with the new app from iPad.  Webkinz is one of the only Now you can go to Kinzville, adopt a pet, build it a house and create a world around it. The boys and I downloaded the free iPad  App and took a tour of what was available.  This app is really family friendly and pretty easy to navigate.  You get a list of goals, which appear on the left side of your screen.  Once you complete a goal, you can check that off your list and move on to the next goal. When you enter the app, Mrs. Birdy and Dr. Quack, who are the first two residents of Kinzville, welcome you and offer you the opportunity to adopt your pet.  From the 8 pets, which included a hippo, a black and white cat and a lion, we chose the black and white cat and named it Hazel.  Next we moved on to our first goal, which was to build a home for our Webkinz Hazel.

From the 17 different styles, we chose the motorhome because the boys thought it was funny looking.  Once the structure is bought, you will break ground and build your new home.   From there, you can create your entire town by building commercial building which you earn money to buy decorations for your home, more houses, more buildings and many other useful items.  You can build unique buildings and power them with their individual resources like building materials and clothing from plants and trees.  If your kids are young like mine (2 and 4), you will need to guide them through the app as it takes a higher level of reading and understanding than a small child could have.

Webkinz For Facebook

Webkinz App For Facebook

If you don’t own an iPad or iPhone, never fear, the Webkinz App For Webkinz On Facebook is here!  You will need a Facebook account which only those 13 and older would have access to.  I signed up under my Facebook information and it brought us right to the app by clicking the link.  The Facebook interaction is almost identical to the iPad app, and is as easy to navigate.  You can either buy Kinzcash com successful game playing or you can use Facebook Credits.  Be careful letting your kids know your Facebook information or they will be able to easily buy new items for their account if you already have a Webkinz plush toy, you can earn points from those purchases.  I will caution parents that the interactions through the apps compared to those from your Webkinz codes, is a bit over young kids heads.  I had to help the boys a good bit with some of the steps, but they were also able to help me from their experience from playing on the Webkinz webpage.  So, bear in mind that the Webkinz online experience will be geared more towards the younger crowd, while the iPad and Facebook app are really for an older child. Younger children may get frustrated and ask you to help.  With Mason and Jakobi, I figured they would need help navigating the site and they did.  But..they also helped me with a few things that I didn’t know as well.  Overall, this was a fun experience for the three of us and we plan to come back and play more soon.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.