Your feet keep you going no matter what. But what if you have dressed up your feet in a clumsy and irritating manner; it would be really annoying. You cannot take a chance with your footwear especially on a main occasion like your wedding.

What? Haven’t you thought much about your wedding shoes? Well, bridal shoes are important and more important is to pick them tactfully. If your shoes are not friendly and comfortable; you might find yourself wobbling all over the place throughout your wedding day. Remember you might have to be in your pair of wedding shoes for more than twelve hours on this day. You cannot afford to wear anything random. There are three simple things that you have to keep in mind for sure:

The size of your heels

There are women who love to wear flat footwear, skyscraper heels and so on.  But you know hat on your wedding day you have to match it with your comfort and the dress you would be wearing. The length of your dress would have a direct relation with your heels. You have to make sure that the length of your heels is such that your dress looks elegant. What is the point if your legs are visible because of high heels? It would be good if you choose your heels and then get your wedding dress stitched.

Good looking

Many women think that they can freely wear anything when it comes to wedding footwear. It is because the footwear won’t be visible. You know what you should not take any chance. Sometimes you have to shrug your dress from your feet to climb the stairs or so on. In such instances it would look really ugly and disappointing if your footwear is not up to the mark. No matter hidden or visible; the heels you are wearing on your wedding day have to be good looking. At least you would have the contentment in heart that you are wearing a right pair of heels.  You have no idea how some ladies carry the pressure of wearing random heels throughout their wedding day. They always have the fear lurking in their mind that their random footwear would peep out from beneath the dress. If you want to stay relaxed then make sure that you don’t leave anything in-between.


Comfort is the base of any and every thing. If you are not comfortable you would wear that stressed expression throughout your wedding. You cannot afford to take any unnecessary stress on your special day. You need to make sure that your feet are comfortable and relaxed. What is the point if you are oddly standing and walking? It would look really disappointing right? You can find amazing, designer and comfortable wedding shoes options in JJ’s House collection.  You must not miss out on these options.

So, having all these things in mind make sure that you are not compromising with your wedding shoes!  You always have the option if you look for it.