I just finished my first week with Nutrisystem, and I wanted to share my thoughts and progress with you.

  • Subject: Jennifer (I write this because Noah is now going to be joining me)
  • Start weight: 154.2
  • End weight:  148.0
  • Favorite Foods: BBQ Soy Chips (D) , Fudge Graham Bar (L), Apple Strudel Scone (B), Roasted Veggie Pizza (D)
  • Favorite Foods to Supplement with: Protein-2 slices of lunchmeat, dairy-cottage cheese/cheese stick, veggie-eggplant/broccoli, fruit-peaches, fat-3 olives.
  • Go to recipe: sliced eggplant, mushrooms, green onions and peppers and sauteed it with braggs amino acids and lemon juice. this made a great filler for when I got hungry and it was salty without added salt.
  • Things I would do different or learned: Do not eat your dessert first! You will want it at night! Order more snacky things like soy chips and pretzels and use lunch bars as sweet thing for the day. I am really craving snacky things like chips.
  • Overall impression: I am really enjoying Nutrisystem and find it easy to stick to without cheating or wanting to cheat. I feel I am losing weight rather rapidly, and I am not hungry.
  • Contributing Factors to weight loss/non-weight loss: I am sick, kids are sick. I am weary tired and don’t have much of an appetite.

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