Wellness Trends to Know: CBD Oil & Products

CBD oil has taken the world by storm over the last few years. CBD oils and products have started popping up all over the place promising to promote overall wellness, alleviate pains and ailments, help with depression and anxiety and even lessen the symptoms of more serious diseases. And the latest research has proven that it does, in fact, live up to those promises!

Cannabidiol (CBD) belongs to a group of chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can be broken down into three categories namely Endocannabinoids (naturally produced in mammals’ bodies, Phytocannabinoids (produced in the cannabis plant) and Synthetic cannabinoids (man-made). CBD and THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) are the two most important components of the cannabis plant. The CBD component is known for its natural health benefits, while THC is known for its intoxicating qualities. 

Because of this, CBD products have become more and more popular throughout the world. In fact, statistics show that CBD sales are expected to reach $22 billion in the next three years. Not only is the natural aspect of it highly appealing, but the fact that it comes in numerous different products opens the market up to even more people. So, if you are not sold on actually consuming CBD, there are plenty of other options for you to try. We took a look at what options you have if you want to join the CBD movement. 

What Are The Uses of CBD Oil?

Before we get stuck into what products you have available to choose from, let’s take a look at what ailments and health issues CBD oil can assist with. CBD oil has numerous benefits, the primary ailments being chronic pain and anxiety. Scientific studies have proven that the compound acts in such a way that symptoms are chronically decreased. CBD oil also assists with (not limited to): 

  • Joint/muscular pain; 
  • Anxiety and depression; 
  • Cancer-related symptoms; 
  • Acne and dermatological ailments; 
  • Neurological disorders like Epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis; 
  • High Blood Pressure; 
  • Diabetes; 
  • Arthritis. 

What Products Can You Buy?

One of the biggest misconceptions about CBD and the use of the cannabis plant is that you need to actually smoke it. This is totally incorrect. The oils are extracted from the plant and are used to create various products. Just keep in mind that CBD doesn’t get you high, THC does. Let’s take a look at what your options are. 

CBD Oils

This is one of the more traditional forms of taking CBD. It comes in a liquid form and can be dispensed with a dropper under the tongue. This is the quickest way of absorbing CBD. 

What does it treat? 

  • All of the above-named ailments. This is the broadest form of product you can buy as the oil is absorbed into your bloodstream and treats your whole body.
  • It works quicker than most of the other products; 
  • Dosage is precise as it is in a dropper. 


  • Not everyone can get used to the taste; 
  • It can be very expensive; 
  • Your tolerance can be decreased over time and you might find yourself needing more for each dosage. 


CBD oils come in topical rubs and lotions that can be applied directly to impacted areas. It is used specifically for aching joints and muscles and can have a quick and long-lasting impact on the area. 

What does it treat? 

  • Specifically works for localized aches and pains; 
  • Skin and dermatological ailments. 


  • Can be applied directly to the affected area; 
  • No oral consumption; 
  • Works quickly and efficiently. 


  • The body may get used to the treatments and you might find yourself having to use more and more to achieve the same effect; 
  • It might leave a sticky or even powdery feeling on the skin depending on the product; 
  • You will need a larger amount for it to be effective, which means that it can get quite expensive. 


As with normal medication, the pills can be taken daily with meals. You can take them with water or fresh juices. It is said that they have a taste of freshly cut grass. 

What does it treat? 

  • As with the oils, it has a broad spectrum of treatment. 


  • It is good for people who don’t want the taste of oils; 
  • Simple once-a-day consumption. 


  • Long absorption time compared to the other products.  

Lollipops, Chocolates and Gummy Bears

Manufacturers saw the gap in the market to make CBD consumption stigmatized and even fun. Extracts of CBD have been added to candy and jellies to appeal to a wider consumer base. 

What does it treat? 

  • As with the oils and pills, these are broad-spectrum. 


  • If you cannot tolerate the taste of the oils or the pills, this is your solution; 
  • You can eat a number of them due to their low dosage. 


  • The con is that they mostly have low dosages. Make sure you test before you simply polish off a half dozen of them, though; 
  • As with the pills, they are very long-absorbing. 

Bath Bombs

One of the most unique forms of products. These can be added to a bath for a truly relaxing and healing bath. As you lie back in the warm water, your entire body can absorb the healing qualities and it has been dubbed as the most gratifying anti-anxiety experience. 

What does it treat? 

  • Pain relief; 
  • Dermatological ailments; 
  • Depression and anxiety


  • They can moisturize the body while you relax; 
  • No consumption needed; 
  • It can be enhanced with essential oils. 


  • The only negative to this is that it’s not as convenient to use as the rubs and lotions. 


Companies have started adding CBD oils to makeup to enhance their products into healing offerings. Not only can you get face creams, face washes and face oil drops, but certain companies are starting to add it to liquid foundations and powders. 

What does it treat? 

  • Skin and dermatological issues. 


  • If you suffer from acne or bad skin ailments and struggle to wear makeup, this is perfect for you; 
  • CBD oils add healing qualities to the skin and keep it younger and healthier for longer. 


CBD’s in low dosage and it cannot be used for any kind of pain management. 

Wrapping Up 

CBD oils are certainly the next big thing in health and beauty. If you are still wary of taking the products, speak to your doctors, or continue to do your own research and keep up with scientific studies to hear about any future discoveries about their healing properties.