Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

Benefits Of Filtered Water

I must admit, I have never really paid attention to what the benefits of filtered water were.  I have always drunk tap water and even made fun of my sister who would not drink water if it were not filtered.  Now that I am trying to live a more green and eco-friendly life, I was looking into the benefits of bottled water rather than filtered water.  I thought these two were one in the same, when of course it turns out they are not.  Bottled water is bottled at a filtration facility while filtered water is filtered within the bottle.  I guess there is more room for calling something “filtered” or “distilled” when it is sold already in the bottle.  I know there is the fact that you can save a lot of money by drinking filtered water rather than buying bottled water.  I feel like I am at a crossroads with bottled water because I know I can recycle the bottle, but am I not doing harm with buying the bottled water in the first place?  I have listed a few facts I found when researching the benefits of drinking filtered water.

Zero Water Pitcher

  • By using a filter, you are able to filter out any chlorine or bacteria found in tap water.
  • Filtered water is much more economical than bottled water.  When using a filter, you are replacing that every 30-45 days, while with the bottles water; you are buying a case approximately every week.
  • When using a filter, you are cutting out certain gastrointestinal bacteria that can lead to serious illness.
  • Filtered water just tastes better than tap water!!

Using Filtered Water Pitchers

Using Filtered Water Pitchers

I have never been interested in using filtered water pitchers until recently.  It was actually my husband who suggested we look into the filtered water to save money, With 4 of us in the family, we were paying $4 for a case of water and were buying between 3-4 cases per week.  That comes out to going out of pocket almost $50 per month or $576 per year.  The savings noticed was enough for anyone to ask What Are The Benefits Of Filtered Water? When I was offered the chance to review products from Zero Water I was so excited.  This great company has cornered the market with their dedication to offering a product that cannot be beaten by other companies.  Here are the benefits of using a Zero Water Pitcher:

  • Even if your tap water is filtered at the local treatment plant, it can still gather chemicals on its way to your faucet.
  • Zero Water has the only filter system that has been approved by the FDA by its TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) standards
  • With the 5 stage filter Zero Water has designed, you get the most comprehensive filtration possible.
  • With the TDS selection meter, you are altered when you need to change the filter according to the reading on the meter.

I was given the Zero Water 10 cup Pitcher ($34.99) as well as 2 additional filters ($29.99) for review.  I was really impressed with the way the water tastes when poured from the Zero Water pitcher.  I thought I would not be able to tell a difference, but I actually did.  The other thing about the Zero Water pitcher I noticed was how well made the pitcher is.  I have had a few other water pitches in the past and the plastic was not nearly the quality of the Zero Water pitcher.  The handle is thicker than comparable pitchers, so it is easier for the kids to use it.  You can purchase the Zero Water products online, at Bed Bath and Beyond and other fine retailers.

One reader will win a 10 Cup Zero Water Pitcher ($34.99) and a 2-pack of filters ($29.99) !

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  1. We use filtered water or distilled water for drinking at our house. Water we can filter ourselves is cheaper than buying bottled distilled water.

  2. the zero water pitcher looks great and who knows I might even drink more water with that sitting in the fridge.

  3. My fav product would be the ZeroWater Pitcher, of course! I’ve been wanting to try filtered water for a long time. Our tap water tastes awful!

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