benefits of sea salt spray

There are so many fun products available to help create different hairstyles for every occasion.  The choices are endless for styling, prepping, and treating.  It really does not matter any more what the texture is of your hair, or whether your hair is straight or curly, you can find a product to achieve any style that is desired. I am blessed (not) with half wavy and half straight hair, so no matter what, I always have to mess with my hair. Because I live in Florida, I have been to the beach fairly often (lucky me) and love the effect it has on my hair. After frolicking by the ocean, my hair does this wavy thing instead of the half and half look. I really do not even want to wash my hair, I love it so much. This lead me to research Sea Salt Spray.

Benefits Of Sea Salt Spray

  • Easy Styling: Have you ever used Sea Salt on your hair – not from a beach but from a bottle?  There are many benefits of Sea Salt spray on your hair, especially when it comes to styling your hair.  Pin straight hair that was once popular has now been replaced be the loose wave, tousled hair look.  The sea salt ingredient is what actually creates this look. If you would like to create this just stepped out of the ocean look, Beach BaBe Sea Salt Spray can help.  This spray will give you the textured and tousled look you get after a swim.
  • Good for your hair: With the 26 minerals Sea Salt will still give hair the softness, bounce and body we all need.  Sea salt is good for the hair due to the minerals present in it. Beach BaBe adds an extra ingredient, sunflower extract.   This additional ingredient is used to help give hair shine and moisture plus it will repair and protect the hair as well. Just how salt heals a wound, it can help heal your hair.

Looking To Promote Faster Hair Growth?

Another great product offered by Beach Babe is their Hair Growth Treatment.  This product will not only strengthen your hair with Pro-Growth Complex, but will also promote faster hair growth to reach its maximum potential length.  This calming formulation reduces irritation and moisturizes the scalp.  It also improves your hair’s health, and increases your hair’s body.

Lee Stafford, who was born in Essex in the United Kingdom, is the creator Beach BaBe.  He started cutting hair almost as soon as he could start using a pair of scissors!  He won the Men’s British Hairdresser award in 1998.  Since that time he has added many other awards to his credentials as well as television appearances and magazine articles.

Beach Babe is sold Internationally, you can find where to purchase their products in each country through the products page on the Beach BaBe website. You can also purchase Lee’s products at Ulta Beauty Stores around the country. I have two near me, but if you are not as lucky you can also go to


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